What’s Wrong with Andy Parsons? Following the BBC Axing, Andy Parsons Thinks the Show “should Be Put to Rest.”

what's wrong with andy parsons

Andrew John Parsons is an English comedian and author who was born on November 30, 1966. Between Series 3 and Series 14, he routinely appeared on Mock the Week. He co-wrote and hosted nine seasons of Parsons and Naylor’s Pull-Out Sections for BBC Radio 2 with comic partner Henry Naylor.

Early Years

what's wrong with andy parsons

The birthplace of Parsons is Weymouth, Dorset. Prior to enrolling in Christ’s College, Cambridge to study law, he attended Parc Eglos Primary School, Helston Comprehensive School in Cornwall, and Churston Ferrers Grammar School in Torbay (Devon). There, he met Henry Naylor and they formed a double act that twice toured with the National Student Theatre Company and once with the Footlights.

Parsons obtained a job as a legal clerk on a case at the Greenock shipyards after completing his studies, which he recalls as “the most tedious thing I’d ever done.” He founded TBA, the first sketch comedy club in London, along with Naylor.

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According to Andy Parsons, “people Used Mock the Week as A Stick to Beat Bbc.”

what's wrong with andy parsons

After 17 years on broadcast, Mock the Week will be canceled, the BBC confirmed earlier this week. The host, Dara Briain, made light of the UK having “finally ran out of news” before remarking that the satirical program couldn’t possibly be any sillier than the news itself.

The decision was motivated by a desire to “make place for new series,” according to the BBC’s own statement. However, some fans have also pointed out on social media that it also happens to be a moment when the BBC is coming under more and more pressure from the Conservative administration.

“It might be said that the BBC has consistently come under assault from some journalism outlets. They dislike the idea of a national broadcaster, and Mock the Week in its early years was especially unpopular “Following the discontinuation of the show, comedian Andy Parsons spoke with RadioTimes.com.

Parsons informed us that “they liked to use it [Mock the Week] as a stick to bash the BBC with.” But based on what I’ve read in the last couple of days, the same news outlets are now lamenting the Mock the Week that was rather than the present one without realizing that they undoubtedly had some influence on the BBC compliance’s change.

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Following the BBC’s Cancellation, Andy Parsons Says the Panel Show Should Be “put to Bed.”

what's wrong with andy parsons

The team was “naturally incredibly unhappy that Mock the Week is coming to an end,” according to a show producer, who also expressed the hope that they will be able to make another appearance in the future.

One of the longest-running panelists on Mock the Week, comedian Parsons, has declared that the show should be discontinued, despite the show’s creator Dan Petterson’s later assertion that there had previously been “conversations” about it continuing in a different location.

The comedian told Metro.co.uk, “Look, I believe in a sense the producers are quite keen for it to have another life because it obviously is vital for their production company. “If it were me, I would cheerfully put the show to bed and come up with a new idea in terms of the show itself.”

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