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What will happen in Apple’s forthcoming event “Show Time?”

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By the looks of it, Apple has already come up with every single product in tech in the past decade. There is nothing more left for Apple to do; this is what most people think. And during this week, numerous core pieces of hardware upgrades came most of Apple products. Such as iMac, iPad Air, AirPods and iPad Air mini. Apple seems to be in a rush to get the things over with.

Apple has already sent its invites on the 25th of March, and the event is called Show Time. As far as the tagline of the event goes “It’s Showtime”. The slogan of the event which is only a couple of days away is the same as the 2006 Special Event. The announcement will also bring forward some of the other things such as iTV. Apple is going to give a previous peak at iTV which will turn into Apple TV in the next year.

Apple is unto a new venture with Apple iTV

Nevertheless, the Cupertino tech giant is focusing on the services. Apple is going to take center stage for its original most-awaited content play. The reason why Apple was not able to keep the news hiddle is that the company has already put $1 billion in Apple TV, based on the rumors and speculations that people have heard since last year. By the looks of it, Apple will hire Spielberg as well as Oprah.


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Apple is going to go toe to toe with the greatest streaming giants such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Reports are suggesting that Apple is focusing on building a brand new content store by bringing Showtime, HBO, and Stars. Apple is going to disrupt the essence of cable TV by becoming a giant cable TV provider itself. It is not yet determined if Apple is planning to monetize the shows that are free in other streaming services.

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