What to Expect from One Piece in 2022? One Piece Chapter Release Schedule 2022

What to Expect in One Piece in 2022
What to Expect in One Piece in 2022

As we wrap up another fabulous year of one of the longest-running manga series One Piece, we can’t wait for the series to progress and produce another exhilarating part in 2022. One Piece saw many highs in 2021 with Luffy’s progress that truly defined him as one of the emperors of the sea.

While 2021 had some great moments to shine for our heroes, 2022 will provide them even better platform to portray their strengths. These rookies of the old days have now become fully-fledged pirates and they’ve embarked on the mission to challenge the greatest forces in the world. Let’s discuss what will happen in One Piece in 2022.

What to Expect in One Piece in 2022
What to Expect in One Piece in 2022

The defeat of Kaido and the Liberation of Wano

Luffy has been fighting Kaido for one year now and in 2022, the strongest creature in the world will taste defeat. He has exhausted all his weaponry and he’s on his last stand. Kaido has fought numerous opponents already and with the current scenario, it seems like he will be defeated shortly.

Whether you like him or not, you have to appreciate Kaido for his power and skills. He first faced off against all Scabbards, took on their attacks, and brought them to their knees. Later on, he fought 5 supernovas and yet still managed to stand on his foot. Despite all those attacks, Kaido still hasn’t lost yet.

However, this will now change in 2022 when Luffy defeats him. Right now, Luffy can coat his attacks in CoC, but it will take more than that to defeat the beast. Who knows, maybe we will get to see gear 5 from Luffy or even the awakening of the devil’s fruit. In any case, it’s pretty much confirmed that Kaido is falling in 2022.

Aftermath of Wano

Even if Wano gets liberated, it won’t sigh relief to the Strawhats and their allies. The ships from World Government are on the way already and we don’t know what they’re trying to achieve in Wano. More than likely, they would want to seize the country from the clutches of the emperor after he falls.

Strawhats after the fight with Beast Pirates will be tired and won’t have any strength to fight. So it will be difficult to assess where the situation will lead to. If the government manages to take Wano under their wings, all the effort by pirates and samurais would be pointless.

We speculate that Strawhats will receive some external help to deal with the forces of the government. One such possibility is from Big Mom Pirates who are already on their way. Secondly, Red Hair Pirates may give a surprise visit since Oda had mentioned that certain someone with Red Hair will be making a move.

One Piece Chapter Release Schedule for 2022

The following table shows our prediction for the official release date and leak date!

WeekChapterLeak Release DateWSJ
Oficial WSJ
Release Date
Week 01
Week 021036December 24, 20215 | 6January 3, 2022
Week 03WSJ Break
Week 041037January 14, 20227January 17, 2022
Week 051038January 21, 20228January 24, 2022
Week 061039January 28, 20229January 31, 2022
Week 07Oda Break10February 7, 2022
Week 081040February 11, 202211February 14, 2022
Week 091041February 18, 202212February 21, 2022
Week 101042February 25, 202213February 28, 2022
Week 11Oda Break14March 7, 2022
Week 121043March 11, 202215March 14, 2022
Week 131044March 18, 202216March 21, 2022
Week 141045March 25, 202217March 28, 2022
Week 15Oda Break18April 4, 2022
Week 161046April 8, 202219April 11, 2022
Week 171047April 15, 202220April 18, 2022
Week 181048April 22, 202221 | 22April 25, 2022
Week 19WSJ Break
Week 201049May 6, 202223May 9, 2022
Week 211050May 13, 202224May 16, 2022
Week 22Oda Break25May 23, 2022
Week 231051May 27, 202226May 30, 2022
Week 241052June 3, 202227June 6, 2022
Week 251053June 10, 202228June 13, 2022
Week 26Oda Break29June 20, 2022
Week 271054June 24, 202230June 27, 2022
Week 281055July 1, 202231July 4, 2022
Week 291056July 8, 202232July 11, 2022
Week 30Oda Break33July 18, 2022
Week 311057July 22, 202234July 25, 2022
Week 321058July 29, 202235August 1, 2022
Week 331059August 5, 202236 | 37August 8, 2022
Week 34WSJ Break
Week 351060August 19, 202238August 22, 2022
Week 361061August 26, 202239August 29, 2022
Week 37Oda Break40September 5, 2022
Week 381062September 9, 202241September 12, 2022
Week 391063September 16, 202242September 19, 2022
Week 401064September 23, 202243September 26, 2022
Week 41Oda Break44October 3, 2022
Week 421065October 7, 202245October 10, 2022
Week 431066October 14, 202246October 17, 2022
Week 441067October 21, 202247October 24, 2022
Week 45Oda Break48October 31, 2022
Week 461068November 4, 202249November 7, 2022
Week 471069November 11, 202250November 14, 2022
Week 481070November 18, 202251November 21, 2022
Week 49Oda Break52November 28, 2022
Week 501071December 2, 20221December 5, 2022
Week 511072December 9, 20222December 12, 2022
Week 521073December 16, 20223 | 4December 19, 2022
Week 53WSJ Break

One Piece Weekly Schedule for 2022

One Piece Weekly Schedule for 2022
One Piece Weekly Schedule for 2022

More on One Piece

While Luffy and his crew are carving history by fighting the strongest of the people, we may get some more exposition on the treasure One Piece. From the hints and clues we’ve got so far, it seems to contain some piece know information that government doesn’t want the world to know.

It is likely a story written by JoyBoy and his message to the people of the new era about the atrocities the World Government has committed and how they can free the world from their clutches. While it’s mostly vague, this is the most probable conclusion we can draw from what we’ve seen so far.

There are also some other mysterious characters like Sun God Nika and Xebec that we don’t know much of. However, that will also change in 2022 as we get more flashbacks and backstories of different characters. We will see a Kaido flashback which will give us an idea of his history and associations.

It is also possible that we will learn more about Rocks Pirates and what happened in the God Valley. There are so many mysteries connected to their pirate group and as we unravel them, the picture about One Piece will become more clear.

What are you expecting from One Piece in 2022? Let us know down in the comments. For more updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media.

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