What That Important Julie along with the Phantoms Cliffhanger Means to get an expected Season 2

What That Major Julie and the Phantoms Cliffhanger Means for a Potential Season 2

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from Season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms! Read at your own risk.]

At the whirlwind season finale of both Julie along with the Phantoms, Julie (Madison Reyes) managed to rescue her phantom group by an existence-ending curse by assisting them perform a show in The Orpheum in Los Angeles and recognize that they had no regrets later forming an rocking quartet together with her. The recognition also appeared to provide them an additional pair of powers along with being observed if they play with music: They could get Julie now.

But it was not all great news at the conclusion of the event. Caleb (Cheyenne Jackson) is nevertheless hell-bent about becoming the boys to perform with his group and owned Julie’s former beat Nick (Sascha Carlson), that could only spell trouble for Julie and her undefined connection with Luke (Charlie Gillespie). Although Netflix hasn’t formally declared that a Season two for its musical show, ” executive producer Kenny Ortega cautioned that the team do not intend to leave anybody hanging following that year end turn. 

“We are trusting [for Season 2]. We have already got our heads moving. The creative juices are still flowing,” he told TV Guide. “Dan [Cross] and Dave [Hodge, showrunners] happen to be considering a Season two and focusing on concepts for Season two for a little while now. Hopefully, folks embrace the series, and we are going to have that chance come a year ago.” 

Obviously, in case we do buy a Season two, we would like to learn exactly what this brand new signature capability means for Julie and Luke, also if their relationship is going to have a definitive intimate turn after becoming so close following the plan of Season 1. Ortega made no guarantees on this front, stating that constructing their own bond was more significant than the usual romantic crescendo, and that’s the reason why both did not kiss if the had the opportunity at the finale event.

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“We simply felt it was not time. The kissing is a really private thing,” Ortega clarified. “Consider the way they come to usJulie is a 15-year old woman who has been thinking about the loss of her mom for a yearold. She’s given up music as it reminds her a lot of this item she shared with her own mommy so reluctantly. [Then] three young boys that return as ghosts in 17, whose lives had been cut short. So kissing wasn’t our attention on Season 1. I believe that it was all about kind of locating the bond between those figures.” 

Julie and Luke were not the ones carrying it slow at Season 1; there is also the issue of Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner) and Willie (Boo Boo Stewart)those that do not have too many ghost physics barriers to conquer as Julie and Luke, however still have not made the leap to a intimate relationship (although the strain was apparent ). 

“We’ve got sort of a friendship narrative between two ghosts, two man ghosts whom I believe certainly has got the makings of something much more intimate,” Ortega teased. 

When we will officially get to return with our newest favourite ships isn’t just around Netflix, but in addition when manufacturing constraints lift in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic. When Ortega initially pitched the show to Netflix, in addition, he floated the concept of both Julie and the Phantoms heading on tour a plan which could be in the mixture in the event the series performs nicely. 

“That which relies on about the achievement of this show,” the manufacturer said. “We came into this understanding that [a tour] might be a part of this potential for Julie along with the Phantoms, however [we] spent everything into ensuring we had some thing in this show that maybe could have our crowd asking for more.” 

Hey Kenny, that can be the viewers talking and we certainly want more. 

Julie along with the Phantoms is currently flowing on Netflix. 

Cheyenne Jackson, both Julie and the PhantomsPhoto: Netflix

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