What Music App Doesn’t Use up Your Data?

what music app doesn t use data

We are always discouraged from listening to music when we want to because doing so requires using mobile data or Wi-Fi bandwidth and playing songs on our cell phones. You don’t have to give up though because there are now several apps available for offline music playing.

You may see a list of apps to use to listen to music without data or Wi-Fi in the remaining sections of this article. Let’s first examine how to store music on an iPhone, Android, or another smartphone device.

How to Store Music on Your iPhone or Android

These two methods let you save tunes to your iPhone or Android device.

  • Songs can be downloaded and saved to SD or the phone’s music folder. You can do one of the following to obtain songs saved into the phone’s music folder or SD storage.
  • Online music can be downloaded via a web browser.
  • With a USB or Bluetooth connection, move the music.
  • When you download music from a streaming app, you can obtain tracks saved on your file.

We’ll look at some music apps in the section after this one so we can listen to these songs offline.

You can listen to music without using data using one of two types of music apps.

Non-streaming apps fall under the first category, and streaming apps go under the second.

Apps Not Streaming

Music apps without the ability to search for music online are known as non-streaming apps. You can listen to music that is already saved on your phone’s SD card or folder with non-streaming apps.

The greatest apps for listening to music that is already stored on your phone or SD storage folder without using any data are these ones.

Media Player VLC

what music app doesn t use data

The majority of multimedia files may be played with the music player program VLC. MOV, Mp4, and.Mp3 files, among others, can be played back. In addition to being able to play music, VLC also includes certain streaming features that let you download songs right from the app.

The option to boost speed up to 8 and sound loudness up to 200% are two other noteworthy capabilities of the VLC program.

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Music Player Pulsar

what music app doesn t use data

Instead of being a streaming app, Pulsar is a music player. You can play the music that is already saved on your smartphone. The Pulsar app has a stunning user interface, gapless playback, and lyrics support, among other things. Additional features include a resizable home screen widget, equalization adjustment, and speed adjustment.

The following are other apps that are not streaming.

  • PowerRamp.
  • MediaMonkey.
  • AIMP.
  • Media Player Offline.
  • Apps for streaming

With streaming apps, you may look for and listen to any type of music online. However, you may always listen to the music without using data if you download it into the app.

Yet, to listen to music without using data, the majority of streaming apps require the premium version. While offline, you can still listen to music on the other ones.

These music apps allow you to stream music without using data and don’t require a premium version.

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Trebel Records

what music app doesn t use data

You can listen to music for free on the Trebel app without using Wi-Fi or network data. Both an iOS and an Android version of the software are offered.

Unlike to other music apps that use a lot of bandwidth, this app does not contain advertisements. Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and reggae libraries can be found in the apps.

Trebel is however restricted to the US and its neighborhood. You need a VPN in order to utilize it outside of the US.

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what music app doesn t use data

The finest music streaming service for songs that are hot and on trend right now is Pandora. It is able to achieve this because of its sophisticated algorithms, which look up over 1000 musical works. With the help of its built-in sound quality detection device, it also broadcasts high-quality sounds.

The following are more streaming applications that permit offline music listening without requiring a premium version.

  • Audiomack.
  • SoundCloud.

There are several music apps that you need to purchase in order to stream music offline.

  • Spotify.
  • Boomplay.
  • iTunes Music
  • Amazon Music


Nowadays, you may listen to music offline thanks to several apps. Several of these apps have streaming options. By downloading and saving the song in the app, you can listen to music offline with these apps. Non-streaming apps, on the other hand, let you listen to music that is already downloaded to any of your smartphone’s files or folders without connecting to the internet.

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