What is Zunesha’s Sin? One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers Reveal New Information

What is Zunesha's Sin?
What is Zunesha's Sin?

One Piece chapter 1040 leaks and Spoilers have just come out and a big talking point of the chapter was Zunesha’s connection with JoyBoy and the crime he committed in the past for which he’s being punished. Apart from that, there’s also the possibility that Zunesha was involved in the big war that occurred 800 years ago.

In One Piece chapter 1040 spoilers, we also learned about Big Mom’s defeat against the pair of Law and Kid. However, the biggest focus is related to Zunesha, his origins, and his connection with JoyBoy. Let’s discuss what is Zunesha’s sin and uncover a bit of the history of One Piece.

What is Zunesha's Sin?
What is Zunesha’s Sin?

What is Zunesha’s Sin?

We first learned about Zunesha being punished for a crime he committed in the past during the Zou arc. There was no mention of how far in the history he was involved in the crime, but recent revelations have revealed that it is related to the void century.

As usual, when this information was revealed, the One Piece community started scratching their heads and flipping through the pages of all previous chapters to find a clue. Today, we are going to list down some of the best theories that the community has come up with for this latest reveal.

Apology to Fishman

If you could wind the clocks back to the Fishman Island arc, there was a conversation between Nico Robin and Neptune. Neptune told Robin about a poneglyph that had an apology from JoyBoy. However, the reason was never specified nor mentioned in the stone.

Now fans are speculating that it could very well be related to Zunesha. Maybe, JoyBoy had given Zunesha a task to locate Fishman Island somewhere safe during the war 800 years ago, however, he was unable to accomplish it, hence he was punished. This seems like a crazy theory and there’s very little chance of it being real, but still, it’s something to think about.

What is Zunesha's Sin?
What is Zunesha’s Sin?

Zunesha was JoyBoy’s Ally

Through the words of Momonosuke, we learned in the recent chapter that Zunesha was nakama of JoyBoy. It is also possible that he was the closes person to JoyBoy, hence when they lost the war, the government subjected him to this punishment.

This sounds like the most plausible theory as the people who could punish someone associated with JoyBoy could be from the government. However, making a giant loop around infinitely for years isn’t something ordinary. It has to be someone pretty strong and someone we haven’t been introduced to yet.

It’s Self Punishment

Oda likes to throw mythology and religious symbolism in the series. That could also be the case with Zunesha. Maybe, Zunesha had a task to carry all the Fishmen and Minks on the Noah and protect them from the war that occurred 800 years ago. However, he might not have to able to do so.

To repent for his sins, Zunesha may be carrying the minks tribe on his back for all these years to hide them from the clutches of the World Government. It could be the reason why he always keeps on moving so that the government and others are unable to track the minks.

What’s your best theory on this subject? Let us know down below. For more updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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