What Is Wrong with Walter Jr? A Psychiatrist Examines Upset Walt Jr. and Others from Breaking Bad

what is wrong with walter jr

Flynn, a fictitious character in the crime drama series Breaking Bad, is Walter Hartwell White Jr. Walt Jr., portrayed by RJ Mitte, is the child of the main character Walter White and his wife Skyler. He wears crutches because his cerebral palsy causes him to have trouble speaking and with his motor function. Holly White is his younger sister. RJ Mitte, a star of Breaking Bad, wants to eradicate the stigma associated with disabilities

When He Was Hired as Walter White Jr. in The Hit Television Series Breaking Bad at The Age of 14, Actor Rj Mitte Shot to Prominence.

what is wrong with walter jr

Because of his cerebral palsy, he experienced bullying as a young child. “I was pushed on the ground, had my hand shattered, foot fractured,” he claims. He claims that it is now time to eradicate the stigma related to disabilities. The goal of perfection, which isn’t real, he claims, “is really negative and brutal to persons with impairments in this sector.”

He is touring the nation giving presentations about the myths around disabilities while working with the nonprofit organization Scope. One recent speech he gave was at the Oxford Union, where he stated that being crippled and trying to act in Hollywood is really challenging. At the age of 22, he is one of the youngest people to receive that honor.

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Combating Bullies

what is wrong with walter jr

Mitte had to learn how to handle peer pressure in addition to conquering physical obstacles. Mitte claims, “I was assaulted verbally, knocked to the ground, and even had my hand broken.” Having CP made me a target for bullies, and I later discovered that children with disabilities are twice as likely to experience bullying as other children.

Mitte teamed up with Shriners Hospitals for Children in October as the famous face of their “Cut the Bull” advertising campaign. Supporters are urged to spread Mitte’s story, which is posted on the Cut the Bull website, and to make a commitment to stop bullying at their place of employment or in their community.

The actor believes that having a few close friends who stood up for him when he was bullied was a blessing, and he now exhorts people to be that type of friend. Be that hero and step out and say something if you observe a child being bullied, Mitte advises. Be the supporter you would want for yourself.

Mitte learned karate and other martial arts as a young boy, which not only reduced his spasticity but also boosted his self-confidence. When pushed, Mitte adds, “I learned to stand back up, stare the bully in the eye, and ask them what their problem was.” It’s crucial to stand up for yourself and let bullies know you won’t be bullied into submission.

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Value of Walter White Jr.

what is wrong with walter jr

What is Walter White Jr.’s net worth? We compiled 21 hours of study into this issue by using online resources (Wikipedia, Youtube, books from the library, etc.).

The primary source of income is acting, which currently has a total net worth of roughly $137,9 million as of the year 2022.

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