What Is Wrong with Seals Face: The Struggle Behind Singer Seal’s Terrifying Scars

what is wrong with seals face

One of the most successful British singers, Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, better known as Seal, has sold more than 20 million records worldwide. The 59-year-old vocalist began his musical career by performing in neighborhood clubs and pubs. Later, he joined a British funk band and toured the world with them.

In addition to Seal II in 1994 and Seal IV, System, Seal 6: Commitment, and Seal 7, he also released his debut studio album, Seal, in 1991.

What Happened to The Face of Seal?

what is wrong with seals face


Discoid lupus erythematosus, a condition that causes many to wonder what happened to Seal, is the cause of the obvious scars on his face. On the lupus erythematosus spectrum of disorders, it is a chronic skin ailment and is referred to as an autoimmune skin disease.

The National Institutes of Health state that the immune system’s attack on the body’s own tissues, which are meant to help defend it from illness and infection, is the main cause of lupus. This attack causes inflammation and, in rare instances, lasting tissue damage. The skin, joints, heart, lungs, kidneys, circulating blood cells, and brain may all be affected. Lupus can theoretically affect anyone, however, it often affects people between the ages of 15 and 45.

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Seal Disclaims His “battle Scars”

what is wrong with seals face

When explaining how he acquired his scars to The Guardian in the past, Seal has previously discussed his scars. I often refer to the scars on my face as my war scars, the singer admitted. I assure my kids that I protected them as I battled demonic spirits.

They actually resulted from a persistent skin disorder called discoid lupus, which I was diagnosed with when I was 21. When it initially surfaced, it was unsettling, but largely because I had no idea what it was, he said. Seal also discussed how, after his first accomplishment, he eventually received treatment.

“I went to a doctor in Harley Street when I had my first success in 1990, and he understood exactly what it was. He prescribed medication, and lupus went away, but it left me with scars, which I am rather proud of, honestly, since they kind of became a signature.”

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A Look at The Relationship Between Seal and His Former Wife Heidi Klum

what is wrong with seals face

Seal said that Heidi Klum was initially drawn to his “bottom” when they first started dating in 2004. My wife adores my lips, and my bottom,” he gushed. Contrary to popular opinion, my wife preferred my bottom when she first saw me in my cycling shorts, not my front bottom!

Between 2005 and 2012, the couple was married for seven years. Heidi told the Independent about her initial impression of Seal: “When I first met Seal, he had a tenderness and compassion that was so true, I knew he’d be a terrific parent… For our children, he has an endless supply of love and patience. He prioritizes me and the kids.

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