What Is Wrong with Randy Jackson? Fans Are Worried About Randy Jackson’s Health Because He Uses a Cane.

what is wrong with randy jackson

Randy Jackson and the other American Idol judges went to Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony in Hollywood, but Jackson’s usage of a cane made what was supposed to be a fun day out into a health concern.

Kelly Clarkson recently had her name added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so the American Idol cast and crew gathered on Hollywood Boulevard to support her. When Kelly Clarkson was named the winner of American Idol’s inaugural season in 2002, her meteoric ascent to fame officially began. Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell each got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that they can call their own. Randy Jackson’s name has not yet been finalized.

Fans Are Worried About Randy’s Use of A Cane

what is wrong with randy jackson

Naturally, there have been some concerns expressed regarding Randy Jackson’s cane use. Internet jitters were caused when American Idol viewers saw the judge using the cane at Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony. Kelly Clarkson was honored at the ceremony.

Wait!” one of them tweeted. What happened to Randy Jackson in the end? Does it stand to reason that he could have a disease? I’m concerned about his well-being. Someone else asked if anyone else was concerned about Randy Jackson. He was so near to being unable to walk without a cane that he was using one.

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How Did Randy Jackson Health Fare?

In 2003, Randy Jackson received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, which caused him to start dieting. He later admitted that his family has a history of diabetes. Jackson has advocated for the chronic illness since receiving his diagnosis and has discussed it in a number of media outlets and on social media.

Jackson claimed to have undergone weight loss surgery after being diagnosed in 2003, which allowed him to lose about 114 pounds. The artist and R&B talent reportedly weighed more than 350 pounds in the early 2000s, according to an interview he gave to Today in February 2021. He stated in an interview, “I was around 358. Man, I had to write it down. The procedure I underwent was a gastric bypass. I launched my own vitamin line, Unify Health Labs. I frequently remark that my marriage was broken apart by food. I have to start afresh and let everything go.”

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Life of Randy Jackson

what is wrong with randy jackson

In the 1980s, Jackson got his start as a session musician, playing bass guitar for a variety of jazz, pop, rock, and R&B musicians. At MCA Records and Columbia Records, he held positions in A&R and music development. Jackson is most recognized for his work as the executive producer of MTV’s America’s Best Dance CMTV’s America’s Brew and the judge on American Idol with the longest tenure.

After the band’s sudden breakup with original member Ross Valory in May 2020, Jackson was rehired as Journey’s bassist. Jackson had previously performed the part on the band’s 1986 Raised on Radio album and tour.

Taylor was the only child of Jackson’s first marriage to Elizabeth Jackson, which ended in divorce in 1990. Jackson and Erika Riker had a boy named Jordan and a daughter named Zoe after their 1995 marriage. Using the grounds of irreconcilable differences, Riker filed for divorce in 2014. The divorce was finally finalized in 2019. After having gastric bypass surgery in 2003, Jackson shed 114 pounds (52 kilograms). He revealed he has type 2 diabetes in a television commercial from February 2008.

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After His Weight Decreased, Internet Users Expressed Worry.


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Many admirers were astonished to witness the TV celebrity turned entrepreneur’s significant weight loss as he made intermittent broadcast appearances after leaving American Idol in 2003. People assumed it was a side effect of an underlying ailment because this led to several health-related online rumors about his condition.

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