What Is Wrong with Pandora? According to User Reports, Pandora Is Currently Trouble-Free.

what is wrong with pandora

A well-liked music app for iOS devices is Pandora. If you enjoy music, it’s probable that your Home screen has app icons like Pandora and other music services. But what if it abruptly stops operating, loads slowly, or crashes? Another program should be used in its place unless you can live without using the Pandora music app indefinitely. If not, you could attempt to use certain methods to restart the program on your iPhone so that it functions normally once more. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of probable workarounds and suggestions that you can consult as needed. As the issue appears to be related to the program, end users may be able to resolve it themselves. For additional details, continue reading.

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How to Fix the Pandora App on iPhone 8 that Keeps Crashing

what is wrong with pandora

Try troubleshooting your Wi-Fi Internet connection before troubleshooting the Pandora app. If your phone is experiencing Internet connection issues, such as Internet drops or no Internet connectivity at all, online apps like Pandora Music won’t function or load properly.

You can try restarting Wi-Fi to re-establish your phone’s Wi-Fi internet connection and resolve any minor software issues impacting the Wi-Fi network in order to rule this out.

To accomplish this, go to Settings-> Wi-Fi, tap the switch next to Wi-Fi to briefly turn it off, then tap it again to turn it back on.

As an alternative, you might try having your device join a different Wi-Fi network. If the Pandora app functions properly on another Wi-Fi network, your previous Wi-Fi network—not your device—is probably to blame for the issue.

You can reset the network settings on your iPhone 8 if none of that succeeds. By doing this, all network data on your phone, including Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, and VPN settings, will be deleted, and the default settings will be applied.

Take note of your Wi-Fi passwords before proceeding since you will need to input them again when you re-configure your Wi-Fi networks.

On your iPhone 8, navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If prompted, enter the passcode for your device to proceed. To confirm Reset Network Settings, touch again.

Your iPhone will restart automatically following the network reset. After it has completed booting up, configure your Wi-Fi network, reconnect, and then launch the Pandora app once more.

Continue using these walkthroughs to troubleshoot the Pandora app if your Internet connection is working properly but there are still issues.

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First, Force the App to Close, Then Restart Your iPhone 8.

what is wrong with pandora

The program can be made to shut down forcibly to fix any small issues that stopped it from functioning. Like computer programs, mobile apps have bugs, and the majority of them can be fixed simply by restarting the app. Follow these steps to force-quit the Pandora app on your iPhone 8:

Quickly press the Home button twice. By doing so, a new screen featuring a list of all recently used apps will be displayed. These applications are still open and active.

  • Swipe up on the Pandora app once you’ve located it.
  • Additionally, you may swipe up on each individual background app to delete it.

Once the app has been closed, restart your iPhone or conduct a soft reset to clean the device’s memory and update the operating system. Along the way, any minor software issues that might have interfered with the Pandora app will also be fixed

Simply hold down the Power button for a few seconds until the Slide to Power off option displays to restart or soft reset your iPhone 8. To switch off your smartphone, slide it. When the Apple logo appears on the screen after 30 seconds, press and holds the Power button.

If your iPhone freezes while Pandora crashes, you can also force a restart. Similar to a soft reset, a force restart is accomplished by pressing the hardware keys. On an iPhone 8, use these instructions to force a restart:

  • Press the Volume Up button, then immediately let go.
  • Next, immediately press and release the Volume Down button.
  • The Apple logo will appear once you press and hold the Power/Side button for a few seconds.
  • You won’t lose any data because neither approach changes the saved data in the internal memory.

Retry loading the Pandora app after your iPhone has fully booted up to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, proceed to the following appropriate remedy.

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The Second Option Is to Update the Pandora App to The Most Recent Version.

what is wrong with pandora

Security upgrades and bug fixes are typically included in app updates. Updates to the app should resolve any bugs that may have caused the issue. For the Pandora app, in particular, follow these steps to see if there are any accessible app updates to download and install:

  • From the Home screen, tap the App Store icon.
  • Tap the Updates symbol in the lower right corner of the App Store main screen to get started. Then, a list of applications that need updates appears.
  • To update the app, tap Update next to Pandora.
  • If there are many app updates available, you can install them all at once by tapping the Update All option.

Wait until all applications have been updated correctly. Restart your iPhone 8 after installing any new updates to make sure everything is functioning properly (soft reset).

The most recent iOS update for your iPhone can also assist in resolving software difficulties, such as those affecting the Pandora app.

The release of the upcoming iOS platform, iOS 11.4, was officially announced by Apple on May 29 of this year. The new update includes bug fixes and security enhancements in addition to a number of enhanced features. This update should fix any software defects that may have caused issues with your apps, including Pandora.

Navigate to Settings-> General-> Software Version on your iPhone 8 to see if the new iOS update is already available.

Read and carefully consider the update requirements and information before proceeding with the download and installation of the update by following the onscreen prompts.

Rebooting your iPhone 8 after the update has been installed will restore regular functionality to your device.

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