What Is Wrong with Nick Cannon: A Warrior in The Fight Against Lupus

what is wrong with nick cannon

Born on October 8, 1980[2], Nicholas Scott Cannon is an American television host, actor, rapper, and comedian. Before hosting The Nick Cannon Show, Wild ‘n Out, America’s Got Talent, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, and The Masked Singer, Cannon made his television debut as a youngster on All That. He appeared as an actor in the movies Roll Bounce, Love Don’t Cost a Thing and Drumline.

He debuted as a rapper in 2003, the same year that the single “Gigolo,” a joint effort with singer R. Kelly, was published. In the movie Goal II: Living the Dream, he portrayed the fictitious footballer TJ Harper 2007. The tracks “Dime Piece” and “My Wife” were recorded by Cannon in 2006 for the upcoming album Stages, which was never published.

Early Years

what is wrong with nick cannon

On October 8, 1980, Cannon was born in San Diego, California. Cannon’s paternal grandfather, whom he and his biological father both referred to as “dad,” reared him in significant part. Cannon was raised in the gang-infested Bay Vista Housing Projects in Lincoln Park, which is located in Southeast San Diego. He admitted to once being a member of the “Lincoln Park Bloods” street gang when he was a teenager, but he said that he stopped after losing a close buddy. He graduated from Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley in 1998 while serving as the organization’s president and competing in track and field. Cannon got his big break performing stand-up comedy on his father’s neighborhood cable access show.

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A Call to Action

what is wrong with nick cannon

Cannon started to feel tired and his knees started to swell at the end of 2011. He was admitted to the hospital in Aspen, Colorado, a few days into 2012, where he had been spending the holiday with his then-wife Mariah Carey and their 1-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan. He quickly discovered that his kidneys were failing. His doctors initially were unable to identify the cause.

No one was able to comprehend it, according to Cannon, “I suppose because of how complex lupus is and how long it takes to diagnose someone with it.” The doctors “were quite anxious and afraid. Around me, there was a lot of whispering. Hey, I’m a mature man; you need to talk to me about this, I say. What’s happening?”

Gary S. Gilkeson, MD, a professor of medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, is unsurprised by the response of Cannon’s doctors.

According to Gilkeson, who chairs the Lupus Foundation of America’s Medical-Scientific Advisory Council and is not engaged in Cannon’s care, “lupus is difficult to diagnose because most primary care physicians don’t see it very often, so it’s not high on their radar.” “Common symptoms like weariness, joint discomfort, and skin rashes could have a number of causes,” the doctor said.

Lupus, also known as systemic lupus erythematosus, is a long-term autoimmune condition that makes the body’s immune system attack healthy tissue. Normally, only bacteria, viruses, and other health concerns trigger the immune system to take action. Lupus affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans. Gilkeson notes that although 90% of those affected are women, men seem to do worse than women, but it’s unclear why.

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Personal Changes

what is wrong with nick cannon

Cannon had to adjust to the new laws. His eating habits, for instance, have drastically changed. He has stopped eating processed foods, a significant source of sodium, in an effort to lower his high blood pressure, which is a side effect of lupus nephritis. He now prefers fish to meat as his primary protein source. Additionally, he has grown to adore fruits and veggies.

Cannon, who admits to having a sweet tooth, says, “I love to munch, but now I make sure those snacks are healthy, like berries and fruit instead of candy.” I’ve developed a nerdy obsession with that.

Additionally, he downs a gallon of water every day. He claims, “Water has been my savior.” I must be as hydrated as possible while keeping a balance to avoid overhydrating because the condition damages my kidneys.

Getting enough sleep is still the main problem he has. According to Cannon, who is also the chief creative officer for RadioShack, “my doctor insisted that I get at least 6 hours and try to extend it to 8 hours, but I was a guy who was getting 0 to 2 hours some nights.” I’m proud of how hard I work, but I’ve found that when I push myself too far, my symptoms get worse.

His new existence, however, has not been easy. Real change requires time and is not always the simplest thing to accomplish. Many people alter their lifestyles for a while in order to lose weight. To maintain my life, I’m doing it.

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Giving Back

what is wrong with nick cannon

Cannon is not just interested in himself. He started working to spread the word about lupus soon after receiving a diagnosis. He began a YouTube series called “Ncredible Health Hustle” to chronicle his lupus-related daily life. In August 2014, he collaborated with the Lupus Foundation of America to produce a PSA. He participated in the LFA’s Walk to End Lupus Now event in Washington, D.C. that same month and served as its grand marshal. He has also taken part in activities in Los Angeles.

I wear that with pride and fully accept the responsibility if I may serve as an inspiration for others who have the same or a related disease, he says. Being the face of lupus and stepping up has actually helped me get through it.

He hopes that by setting an example for others suffering from lupus or any other chronic condition, he can inspire them. Whatever you do, don’t just sit around. Don’t let it consume you. If you can, keep both your body and mind occupied. That is my standard message. Instead of collapsing and cowering in a corner when something like this is put in front of you, say, “All right, this was given to me to hold up and show people that I can beat this and be as strong as possible.”

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