What Is Wrong with Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn Monroe, The Original “blonde Bombshell,” Was Afflicted by This Mental Disorder.

Marilyn Monroe is still recognized as a major Hollywood star from the 1950s and 1960s. As one of the first sex icons to gain millions of followers, she remains a mysterious figure whose life, death, and legacy continue to pique the curiosity of people across the world.

Family History of Mental Illness in Marilyn’s Lineage

Marilyn Monroe illness

Marilyn’s mother, Gladys Baker, suffered from schizophrenia. Marilyn’s mother had a difficult upbringing since she spent much of it in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Baker spent the years from 1935 through 1945 in a mental institution.

It’s understandable that Marilyn would look for love elsewhere. Glady was just as bewildered as she waited for her mother to come home and give her the affection she needed. Her mother was in a difficult position and she should be treated with respect despite her actions. To this day, schizophrenia has the most social stigma of any mental disorder. Unfortunately, access to treatment is still limited. Rather than blaming her for leaving Marilyn behind, perhaps we should instead look at the society that ensnared them both. It would have been helpful if Gladys Baker had forewarned Marilyn about what was to come.

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Marilyn’s Psychiatric History, from The Beginnings

Marilyn Monroe illness

Limited 2017 Collector’s Edition In Marilyn – Her Untold Story, close relatives discuss how, as a child, Marilyn suffered from paranoia and delusions, such as the one when she believes her dog had died.

Marilyn struggled to make friends at school, but she developed a strong attachment to her dog, Tippy. Tippy was hit by an automobile one day when Marilyn was at school. A neighbor came over his body and put it in Marilyn’s driveway. Marilyn refused to believe that Tippy had been hit by a car, despite the overwhelming evidence. She was adamant that the neighbors cut Tippy in half with a garden hoe because they were annoyed by the dog’s barking. Nobody could change her mind. The experience made Marilyn apprehensive about her foster parents, Ida and Wayne Bolender. Illnesses of the mind can manifest themselves as early as childhood.

Despite the challenges she endured as a foster kid, Marilyn persisted in her pursuit of acting. Despite his or her meteoric rise to fame, the emerging celebrity nevertheless displayed symptoms of mental illness.

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How Much Money Does Marilyn Monroe Have Right Now?

Marilyn Monroe illness

How much does Marilyn Monroe have in the bank? According to Celebrity Net Of, Monroe left an estate worth approximately $800,000 upon her passing, which is equivalent to approximately $7.8 million in 2022 after accounting for inflation. Just around $3 million ($24 million in today’s currency) was her total film income for her whole career. “She achieved fame in the world, but that’s not an identity you can live with,” Joyce Carol Oates, author of Blonde, on which the Netflix film starring Ana de Armas as Monroe is based, told Variety.

It’s the kind of woman who made a lot of money for a lot of men but not much for herself. She was only 36 years old when she died, and she left behind insufficient assets to pay for a decent burial. According to numerous accounts, she frivolously spent her fortune on things like clothing, jewelry, and presents for friends and staff.

Unfortunately, Monroe’s life was cut short in 1962 when she died of an apparent suicide. After paying various settlement expenses and estate duties, her Los Angeles County will state that she had only $370,000 left (about $3.5 million today). The Brentwood, Los Angeles, mansion Monroe purchased in her final months was her most prized possession. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she borrowed money from her ex-husband Joe DiMaggio to pay for the down payment when she bought her first and only home in January 1962 for $77,500. In 2017, the spacious residence fetched a price of $7.25 million.

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Who Got Marilyn Monroe’s Inheritance When She Died?

Marilyn Monroe illness

Who will receive Marilyn Monroe’s inheritance? By her will, Monroe left $10,000 to both her longtime aide and her half-sister. She gave her mother a $100,000 trust and set aside $5,000 for the schooling of her assistant’s child. Monroe bequeathed 75% of her fortune and intellectual property to her acting mentor Lee Strasberg and 25% to her New York City psychiatrist Dr. Marianne Kris.

Sarah Churchwell, an author of The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe, told NPR in 2012, “She felt that [Kris] was very helpful and kind.” She noticed that “Kris was beginning to assist her grasp what it was that she was going through.” Dr. Kris left a portion of her fortune to the London-based Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families, which provides services to kids with mental health concerns. Churchwell claimed that Monroe “would have been tremendously thrilled” with the news. She wanted to help people and feel like her efforts had paid off.

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