What Is Wrong with Louise Thompson? After Learning that Louise Thompson Was Back in The Hospital, Her Fiance Ryan Libbey Expressed Concern for Her Health.

what is wrong with louise thompson

Louise Thompson provided an open update following her admission to the hospital last week. After giving birth to her baby in December of last year, the former Made in Chelsea star was upfront and honest about her difficulties with postnatal depression.

Before the end of the year, she and her fiancé Ryan Libbey, who also appeared in the E4 reality series, brought their son Leo-Hunter into the world, but it wasn’t an easy transition for the couple to start a family of three. Following complications with the delivery of her baby, Louise was given a PTSD diagnosis.

Leo-Hunter was treated in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and she was treated in an adult intensive care unit (ICU) following the birth, she later disclosed to her fans. She published an emotional message on Christmas Day 2021 in which she thanked the NHS employees who “worked through the night to save my life.”

Louise Thompson provides a direct update on her struggle with PTSD and postpartum depression.

what is wrong with louise thompson

Since then, Louise has kept her fans and following informed of her experiences as a first-time mother and how Leo’s birth has affected her mental health. The mother of one has said in a new update that she has gone through several terrible events, including a fire at her home last year while she was nine months pregnant and that there have been times when she has felt “not alive.”

The 32-year-old claimed she had “essentially shut down” mentally and had “back-to-back” panic attacks. While speaking openly about her recent struggles in a lengthy video she posted to Instagram, Louise reassured her followers that they were “not alone” and that she wanted to “give them hope.”

It happens less than a week after Louise announced she will stop using social media after being taken to the hospital for mental health treatment for the second time in a month. Although she appeared “fully presented, put together, and smiling” in her video, she told viewers that it had taken her six tries to record and that things had recently been “very horrible” for her.

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Last Week, Louise Was Admitted to The Hospital.

what is wrong with louise thompson

She declared, “Mental health is the cruellest, most invisible sickness there is, but I want you to know you are not alone.” “You never think these things will happen to you,” the speaker said. “I had everything, and it’s all been utterly snatched away from me.”

The reality TV personality continued by saying there had been occasions when she had hoped for aeroplanes to crash into her home and had been able to think of nothing else “except death.” “Everything in my house worried me… I was unable to speak, smell, or see. Every time I spoke, I would become anxious since it was impossible for me to understand what I was saying, she claimed.

“Since I was not alive, I was unable to think normally. My brain essentially fell asleep. Your brain is unable to effectively handle trauma when it occurs. as a result, you must live in terror.

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Ryan, Louise’s fiancé, and their son Leo-Hunter

what is wrong with louise thompson

Louise said that she had received messages from guys whose partners were also having difficulties, and she wished to give “pure reassurance” that things will improve. “There is no miracle cure, but I wish there was a simpler way. You will learn a lot of patience from this illness, she remarked. “But you must continue; kindly select life and seek assistance.”

She smiled and gave the camera kisses at the end of the video, despite the fact that she was still clearly upset. Everything in life is temporary, she added, adding that things change. “Life will improve once more. You’ll discover happiness and delight… Do not feel alone, please. There are options, so seek assistance. There is no miracle treatment for this illness, but it will teach you to be very patient.

There are too many people who are unable to stop their physical illnesses, so please choose life and seek assistance. You must continue.

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Louise Provided an Emotional and Open Update.

what is wrong with louise thompson

After her “b*oody tough journey over the past year,” Louise wrote in a lengthy caption for the video that she was “not going to sugar coat things.” “I’m not sure whether I will be able to achieve that,” she wrote, “but my rationale for producing this video was to try and help someone who could be suffering in silence or feeling alone.”

“My life changed from a 9/10 to a 1/10 in the course of approximately a month,” she continued. Nothing I did earned it, but it just so occurred. I overcame several near-death encounters, a protracted stay in the hospital, and several cataclysmic mental health breakdowns. I was recently readmitted due to serious colon issues while I was only a couple of days away from needing potentially life-altering surgery. Even though this time I truly knew where I was and what my name was, it doesn’t get any simpler.

As a result of Louise’s candour and courage in speaking out, people were quick to message her. “You are very great, speaking up about your experiences must be so difficult, yet you are helping so many others,” said @christinas.fitnessjourney. One day at a time, you’re braver and stronger than you realise.

Louise, you are fantastic, wrote @ultimategirlgang. Congratulations on sharing this. Despite everything you are dealing with, you still have the courage to assist others. To Ryan and Leo, I send my undying love. You are so courageous and amazing, and @vivis makeup said, “I’ve been following you lately in awe of how strong you actually are, even if you can’t see it. Lots of sunshine and love.

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