What Is Wrong with Lindsey Buckingham? The Musician Underwent Urgent Heart Surgery After Having a Heart Attack.

lindsey buckingham illness

Born on October 3, 1949, Lindsey Adams Buckingham is an American musician and producer best known for serving as Fleetwood Mac’s male lead singer and lead guitarist from 1975 to 1987 and again from 1997 until 2018. Buckingham has released three live albums and seven solo albums in addition to his time with Fleetwood Mac. He was admitted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 while still a member of Fleetwood Mac. On Rolling Stone’s 2011 list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time,” Buckingham came in at number 100. Guitarist Buckingham is renowned for his fingerpicking technique.

Former Fleetwood Mac musician Lindsey Buckingham underwent open heart surgery and suffered vocal cord damage.

lindsey buckingham illness

The vocal cords of former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham were damaged during emergency open heart surgery last week, his wife Kristen reported on Facebook on Friday. He is presently recovering at home, and she noted that “each day he is stronger than the last.” “He and his heart are well, but the surgery hurt his vocal cords. We are hoping that this harm is not irreversible, however, it is uncertain if it is.”

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The Rocker’s Hospitalization Was Verified to USA Today by Buckingham’s Agent, Dana Erickson.

The band announced in April of last year that Lindsey Buckingham would not be touring with them. Mick Fleetwood told Rolling Stone that the band “arrived at the impasse of striking a brick wall.” Later, Buckingham sued the group for tour proceeds; according to Rolling Stone, a settlement was reached in December.

To put it mildly, “our family has had a very stressful and challenging year this past year,” wrote Kristen on Friday. “But despite everything, we are grateful for life, which outweighs whatever challenges we are currently facing. We are very grateful he’s still with us. Like he does. He anticipates getting better and putting this incident behind him. Naturally, all scheduled tours and performances have been placed on hold while he works up the strength to recover fully.”

What Is the Wealth of Lindsey Buckingham?

lindsey buckingham illness

American guitarist, singer, composer, and producer Lindsey Buckingham has a $150 million fortune. Because of a reportedly sizable settlement with his longtime spouse Kristen, who filed for divorce in June 2021 after 21 years of marriage, his net worth has been lowered.

Most people know Lindsey Buckingham as the guitarist and male lead singer for the band Fleetwood Mac. He has released a number of solos and lives albums in addition to his work with the band. Buckingham, who is regarded as one of history’s greatest guitarists, was admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

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Lindsey Buckingham Illness

The guitarist had a heart attack in February 2019—less than a year after being let go by Fleetwood Mac—and required immediate heart surgery. Buckingham’s then-wife, Kristen, said, “We feel very blessed that he’s alive, as he does.”

Individual Life

lindsey buckingham illness

William Gregory, his first child, was born in 1998 to Buckingham and interior designer and photographer Kristen Messner. The two have children Leelee and Stella after getting married in 2000. Sadly, after 21 years of marriage, Kristen filed for divorce in June 2021.

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Actual Estate

Lindsay sold a house in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, for $19.5 million in 2005.

Lindsey Buckingham put his 11,000-square-foot Los Angeles property up for sale in January 2018 for $22 million. The Georgian-style, three-story estate was entirely renovated after he purchased it in 2013 for $6 million. The final selling price of this home was $19 million. Disney film executive Dana Walden was the purchaser.

For $29.5 million, Lindsey offered a different Brentwood property in April 2019. He and his wife Kristen paid $6.6 million for the double lot in 2004 and then started construction on a 10,000-square-foot custom house. This house was ultimately sold for $28 million. Michael Gross, a former vice chairman of WeWork, made the purchase.

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