What Is Wrong with Khloe Kardashian Mental Health? Explains Why Her Mental Health Should Come First in The End?

what is wrong with khloe kardashian mental health?

Khloe Kardashian is accustomed to disclosing information about her private life to the media, but there is one issue that she has kept a secret since she was a young child: a health fight. The reality TV actress admitted that she frequently suffered from incapacitating migraines that occasionally rendered her “incapacitated in bed” and unable to raise her head. Khloe acknowledged that her issue started when she was only 12 years old, but she was too ashamed to tell her family about it.

“I can clearly recall how I felt, but what I remember most is how everyone told me I wasn’t feeling what I was feeling. It was a common refrain to hear, “Oh, it’s just a headache.” “According to Khloe, Prevention. “The perception of migraines is that they are simply headaches. At the age of 12, I was afraid to admit when I had a migraine because no one in my family had ever had one before.”

Khloe Kardashian Discusses Her Crippling Health Condition

what is wrong with khloe kardashian mental health?

Khloe acknowledged that she endured her misery in quiet for a long period, and her migraines persisted. She claimed, “I would just be unable to function in bed.” Being that little, “I would not be able to lift my head up, and that was frightening.”

Khloe claimed that as the suffering lingered, she eventually sought assistance from a friend of her mother, Kris Jenner, who also suffered from migraines. Khloe suggested she visit a doctor, and she underwent brain scans to help rule out some “very terrible things,” which is fortunate. But I have a migraine diagnosis,” Khloe said.

Many migraine sufferers “also have symptoms like feeling ill, being sick, and increased sensitivity to light or sound,” according to the NHS. Khloe acknowledged that she still has the disease and that her symptoms’ severity is highly inconsistent. She claimed that on certain days she is “wiped out and those are the worst.” She occasionally exhibits acute sensitivity to light and smell.

Khloe said that in addition to impairing her vision, migraines can also result in extreme nausea and uncontrollable trembling. It’s really frightful, she continued. People worry a lot when you’re near them, especially if they’ve never witnessed something like that.

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It’s getting worse.

what is wrong with khloe kardashian mental health?

In a “The Kardashians” episode, Khloé discussed her anxiety issues as she got ready for her James Corden engagement on “The Late Night Show.”

She shared that she was having a “heart attack” after seeing the paparazzi while she sat with her best friend Malika Haqq. She also said that she was suffering from significant anxiety.

According to People, she said to Malika, “I have to do James Corden.” “I just feel so nervous about going. It’s more often the aftermath than the interview. I’m forced to listen to what everyone has to say, criticize them, study everything they say, and pull this apart. This was once enjoyable.

She continued by saying that the rise in trolls on social media has a significant negative impact on her mental health.

Social networking was once entertaining and silly. Trolls will always exist, and everything is now taken so seriously. My appearance and my relationship with Tristan [Thompson]. Is my hairstyle correct? Why is she laughing like that? I believe I’ve reached a stage when staying in is actually safer.

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Prior to 2020, Khloé Kardashian Talked About Her Anxiety

what is wrong with khloe kardashian mental health?

The model has previously talked about dealing with her anxieties, particularly while raising her child, True, together with Tristan Thompson.

Khloe discussed how challenging it was to juggle True’s schedule with finding time to see her dad, Tristan, in an April 2020 episode of “KUWTK.”

Even though her ex-boyfriend has been a wonderful father, the woman continued, “she’s just a baby,” so she still has concerns about sending her daughter there by herself.

“Just the idea of having to send her anywhere makes me anxious. I’m confident that he won’t take any action that I find objectionable, but isn’t True’s inability to see her father unfair? Whatever the number of months, that will be a long time. She’s still a baby, she said.

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Khloé Kardashian Acknowledges Feeling Safer Outside of the Public Eye

The reality star added that she loved ones help her feel “respected, uplifted, and confident” and that she felt safer away from the spotlight and media.

She also mentioned that online hatred might not lessen. Although having a social media presence “was a crucial aspect of the game,” she was aware that it could also frequently be “mean” and “heavy.”

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Following the revelation, the star’s followers went to social media to express their support and inspiration “It makes me so sad to see you acting like way! only giving you love and positive energy,” one replied. “Ignore what other people may think. Worry about your thoughts. That’s what we’ve always known about you, said another.

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