What Is Wrong with Kanye West? Kanye West and The Negative Media Coverage of His Actions

what is wrong with kanye west

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has been generating news, trending on social media, and attracting attention from fans over the past few weeks for a variety of reasons, including criticizing his daughter North’s TikTok account and posting memes about Kim Kardashian’s suspected beau Pete Davidson.

Ye most recently expressed regret for his actions on Tuesday, one day before the Netflix release of his documentary “been-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy,” after publishing many posts on Valentine’s Day.

“I’m trying to communicate better. A group of innovative experts, planners, mobilizers, and community leaders can be helpful to me. I appreciate your support, everyone. I am aware that sending Kim screenshots was awkward and came out as stalking her. I accept responsibility. I’m still actively learning right now. I don’t know every solution. Being a good listener is a quality of a good leader.”

Bipolar Disorder: What Is It?

what is wrong with kanye west

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, bipolar illness, whether type I, II, or more moderate cyclothymia, is characterized by “dramatic fluctuations in a person’s mood, energy, and capacity to think properly.” Alternating spells of mania and depression that might last months each are experienced by the 4.4% of American adults who have bipolar disorder.

According to Dr. Lloyd Sederer, chief medical officer at the New York State Office of Mental Health, manic moods, which are characterized by a euphoric but excessive sense of self-confidence, can result in erratic behavior, including “jumping from one idea to another” or “irritability,” as well as spending sprees or “sexual liaisons.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, “periods of intense stress, such as the death of a loved one or other terrible incident,” are a risk factor. Doctors underline that a manic episode can be caused by a variety of pressures and variables, both known and unknown.

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What Occurs When The Kanye West Issue Is Viewed as A Spectacle

what is wrong with kanye west

It can be alluring to follow Ye’s frequent Instagram updates. But according to experts, we must keep in mind that the celebrity has spoken candidly in the past about his bipolar disease and other mental health concerns. Furthermore, the general public is in the dark about his current mental state and shouldn’t assume anything about it.

However, over the past several weeks, he has received a lot of online ridicule. Some joke that the rapper is “off the medicines,” while others hate him.

According to board-certified psychiatrist Kali Hobson, this response of mockery rather than compassion is typical for well-known celebrities in distress. (Recall the iconic tabloid coverage of Britney Spears in the early 2000s, which is now widely criticized.)

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Why Is Kanye West Flawed?

what is wrong with kanye west

We want to start by making it very clear that we are not Kanye West’s doctors. The only people who genuinely know about Kanye’s mental health are him, his physicians, and the people he chooses to share specifics with. However, Kanye has occasionally been pretty open about his battles with mental health, so we do know certain specifics.

In 2016, after experiencing hallucinations and paranoia, officials convinced Kanye to check into the UCLA Medical Center. Because of his extremely hectic schedule, he was likely dehydrated and sleep-deprived during this initial episode, which was classified as transient psychosis. While he was in the hospital, he was forced to abruptly cancel 21 shows on his Life of Pablo tour.

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Bipolar Disorder: What Is It?

what is wrong with kanye west

Bipolar disorder comes in a variety of forms. Type I sufferers go through phases of manic highs and depressing lows. People who have type II go through severe sadness and brief hypomanic episodes (also known as hypomania). Cyclothymia patients have mood swings that are less extreme but can continue longer.

People with bipolar disorder may experience euphoria, have an abundance of energy, and have ambitious plans and ideas during a manic episode. However, they can also exhibit psychotic symptoms and turn hostile.

It is unclear what specifically causes bipolar disorder. According to some specialists, it can be caused by hereditary and biological elements, as well as really bad emotional trauma experienced as a child. One in every 100 adults in the UK will eventually receive a diagnosis for the illness.

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