What Is Wrong with Joey Votto? Joey Votto Will Undergo Shoulder Surgery and Miss the Rest of The 2022 Season.

what is wrong with joey votto

Joey Votto is a professional baseball player from Canada with a $110 million net worth. In September 1983, Joey Votto was born in Toronto, Canada. Joey participated in basketball and hockey at Richview Collegiate Institute. Votto was selected by the Cincinnati Reds as a first baseman in the second round of the 2002 MLB Amateur Draft right out of high school.

After playing for rookie affiliates for two seasons, he joined the Class A Dayton Dragons in 2004. He participated for Chattanooga, Sarasota, and Potomac. Votto participated on the World Team in the 2006 Futures Game. In 2007, he was promoted to the Cincinnati Reds. From 2010 through 2013, Votto was chosen for four successive seasons as an All-Star. He won the Tip O’Neill Award four times during that time period and led the National League in on-base percentage.

Votto received the NL Hank Aaron Award and the 2010 National League MVP award. He was awarded the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s athlete of the year in the same year. Votto won a Gold Glove Award in 2011. Joey has spent his entire career with the Reds and competed for Team Canada in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Joey Votto, a Reds Star, Declares His Intent to Return in 2023.

what is wrong with joey votto

After undergoing season-ending rotator cuff surgery earlier this month, Reds first baseman Joey Votto told Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer that he intends to move back to Cincinnati in 2023.

The 38-year-old veteran emphasized that he considers remaining with the Reds until the conclusion of his career to be a “priority.” He has one guaranteed year left on his contract with the team.

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According to Goldsmith, Votto Stated, “I’d Like to Have a Strong Finale to My Career and Be Proud.”

what is wrong with joey votto

The organization said that Votto had successful surgery earlier this month to fix a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder. The Reds anticipate Votto to return in time for the start of spring training, despite the fact that the procedure will keep him out for the balance of the 2022 season.

Reds manager David Bell stated, “My priority from tonight forward is just getting Joey back by spring training. “I know he’ll be in good hands, that he needs to recuperate, and all that, but I also know he’s going to work incredibly hard to return next year. I’m sure he’s already anticipating it and thinking that way, just as I am. Now that everything is over, he can anticipate spring training in 2023.

Before it was revealed that Votto, a six-time All-Star and former National League MVP, would require surgery, he appeared to be suffering from the effects of his shoulder injury this season. According to Elias Sports Bureau, his hitless stretch of 22 at-bats at the end of the season was the longest of his career

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Following Season-Ending Surgery, Joey Votto Tweets Something Hilarious.

what is wrong with joey votto

For Reds slugger Joey Votto, the 2022 season may be over, but even rotator cuff surgery couldn’t dim his wry sense of humor. The Cincinnati first baseman joked on Twitter about the cause of the end of his season after the team revealed his successful surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder on Friday. “I Wasn’t Aware that I Was Injured. Votto Wrote, “I Just Thought I Stank.

Votto, a six-time All-Star and a former National League MVP, is correct to note that this season, his at-the-plate production hasn’t been up to his customary high standards. The 38-year-old was cutting before announcing the surgery earlier this week. 205/.319/.370 in 91 games, with 41 RBI and 11 home runs.

Votto’s batting performance, though, appeared to be significantly impacted in recent weeks by his shoulder issue. According to Elias Sports Bureau, the star first baseman had a hitless streak of 22 at-bats, the longest in his career. Additionally, he didn’t get on base in his last four games, which was a first in his career.

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One Year Remains on Joey Votto’s Contract with The Cincinnati Reds.

what is wrong with joey votto

He will owe $25 million when his contract’s final guaranteed year, 2023, rolls around. There is also a $20 million club option and a $7 million buyout clause for 2024.

“I won’t offer an explanation. Votto stated, “I’m not going to say that hindered my performance. “I can’t say for sure if it did or not. After our road trip, on the first day back, I had an MRI, which was about five to ten days ago. I had to go through a lot of different things before I finally decided to obtain an MRI. The pain, the disruption of my sleep, and the difficulty in lifting my arm prompted me to do so. The outcome didn’t surprise me, but I was taken aback by the advice I was given: I should get surgery. I tried to make it stronger, but it wasn’t successful.

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