What Is Wrong with Farm Trucks Right Hand? Why He Shakes with His Left Hand?

what is wrong with farm trucks right hand

Handshakes have been used by humans in some form for centuries. According to the Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage, clasped hands appeared on Roman coins and in Fanti as early as the first century CE. It was frequently a sign of peace when soldiers laid down their weapons and shook hands as if to say, “We’re done here.”

As with all fashions, the handshake has fluctuated throughout history. The disease has frequently impacted this form of salutation. The Yellow Fever pandemic of 1793, the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, and the COVID-19 pandemic all temporarily pushed handshakes to the rear of the line. As things gradually return to normal, we are inclined to observe what is returning.

For instance, Street Outlaw’s aficionados noticed Farmtruck’s interesting moves. Why does he occasionally exchange hands with his left hand? Let’s get into it.

Why Does Farmtruck Shake with His Left Hand?

what is wrong with farm trucks right hand

While Farmtruck has not explicitly addressed his unusual left-handed handshake, Street Outlaws fans have speculated on Reddit. Some believe it is related to an injury he sustained in 2022 to his right hand. Apparently, in some BTS (behind-the-scenes) recordings on YouTube, Farmtruck’s right index finger is “pretty messed up,” as MySpaceFlunky noted. “It is now usable, but he does not have a full range of motion,” they added.

Farmtruck’s companion and racing partner AZN confirmed this, stating, “This is it. He has PTSD after fracturing it again, so he says, “F–k it, I’ll use my left hand.” We were unable to locate a video of the mishap, but a deleted comment on Reddit claimed it was a “tire machine accident.” Despite his trepidation, Farmertruck still shakes with his right hand. Possibly, the answer to this question depends on the day.

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Farmtruck Also Suffers from Bell’s Palsy

what is wrong with farm trucks right hand

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Some users suggested that Farmtruck’s preference for his right hand was due to a potential stroke, but AZN was quick to clarify. “He suffered from Bell’s palsy approximately twelve years ago (2011), but his face never restored to normal. It used to give us a good chuckle lol.” Farmtruck’s use of either hand was reportedly unaffected by Bell’s palsy.

What is Bell’s palsy precisely, and why did it not manifest in his hands? It is a neurologic disorder that causes facial paralysis or weakness on one side. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, one of the nerves that control facial muscles is injured or ceases to function effectively. As of this writing, there is no cure for Bell’s palsy, but the majority of patients recover completely.

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