What Is Wrong with Ezra Miller? Ezra Miller Is Seeking Treatment for “complex Mental Health Issues”

what is wrong with ezra miller

American actor Ezra Matthew Miller was born on September 30, 1992. Following Afterschool (2008), when they made their [a] feature picture debut, they starred in the dramas We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) and The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012). Before playing Credence Barebone / Aurelius Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts movies Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016), Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018), and Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2017), they co-starred in the drama The Stanford Prison Experiment and the comedy Trainwreck in 2015 (2022). Additionally, they played Donald Merwin’s “Trashcan Man” Elbert in a recurring role on the miniseries The Stand in 2020.

Miller also plays the role of the Flash in movies and TV shows from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The most notable of these is Justice League (2017), its director’s cut Justice League by Zack Snyder (2021), and The Flash (2023).

Since 2022, Miller has been charged with disorderly behavior, assault, burglary, and child grooming, all of which have led to numerous well-publicized arrests and tickets.

Early Years

what is wrong with ezra miller

In Wyckoff, New Jersey, on September 30, 1992, Ezra Matthew Miller was born. Miller’s father, Robert, worked as the managing director and senior vice president of Hyperion Books before taking a position as a publisher at Workman Publishing. Miller’s mother, Marta, is a dancer. Even though Marta has a Christian upbringing, Robert and Ezra both identity as “totally Jewish.”

Caitlin and Saiya, Miller’s older sisters, are also women. Ezra started studying as an opera singer at age 6 in order to suppress his speech impairment after experiencing bullying as a child. Miller sang with the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus and had an appearance in “White Raven,” an opera by Philip Glass. They went to The Hudson School in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Rockland Country Day School in Conyers, New York. After the 2008 success of their debut movie, “Afterschool,” Ezra stopped attending school at the age of 16.

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Ezra Miller Is Accused of Possessing Marijuana.

what is wrong with ezra miller

Miller was a passenger in a car that was stopped by local law police when it was in the Peters Township region of Pennsylvania. Miller was there filming the movie version of Stephen Chbosky’s 1999 book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. At the time, it was claimed in a local article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that authorities first pulled over the car for a “faulty” brake light.

According to police, Miller was seen starting a cigarette during the stop, at which point “the odor of marijuana” was noticed. Eventually, a search turned up something that was estimated to be 20 grams of marijuana. Later, the marijuana-related charges were dropped, and Miller was instead issued two penalties for disorderly behavior, according to a July 2011 story by TMZ.

Miller claims that while they were minors, an unknown director and producer harassed them. Miller briefly discussed their then-upcoming Flash solo movie and opened up about the alleged abuse they encountered earlier in their career as part of The Hollywood Reporter’s Next Gen coverage in 2018. According to THR, Miller was harassed by an “unnamed director and producer” who also offered Miller a role in a movie.

Miller claimed, “They gave me wine and I was underage.” Hey, want to be in our movie about the homosexual revolution? they asked. And I said, “You people are monsters,” in response.

The greater #MeToo movement, which had gained widespread media attention in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations the year prior, was also supported by Miller in the same interview. It’s a wonderful age to be saying, “You know what? That crap is inadmissible,’ Miller remarked. And many of us find it fantastic to see.

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In the Midst of Delays, Worries Regarding Miller’s Film “flash” Grow.

The Miller-starring Flash received a new release date as the year came to a close, the most recent in a string of postponements for the DCEU entry. The movie’s release date was originally intended for 2018, but that date was later changed after pandemic-related problems and director changes were made. However, by the time the initial date rolled around, the movie reportedly wasn’t even in production.

A summer 2022 release had (relatively) been decided by December 2019, which led to revised timelines of the film’s protracted path to theatres. However, the 2022 release also won’t happen, as DC fans are well aware. The movie’s scheduled release date as of this writing is still June 23, 2023.

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what is wrong with ezra miller

Ezra was charged with drug possession in June 2011 when police stopped the vehicle they were riding in (which had a broken brake light) and discovered 20 grams of marijuana inside. Miller was later sentenced to pay a $600 fine after the judge dismissed the narcotics allegation. A video of Ezra choking a lady and tossing her to the ground in a Reykjavik bar surfaced on Twitter in 2020. Miller was indeed in the video, according to a witness, and bar staff members removed them from the establishment.

Ezra uploaded a video to Instagram in January 2022 and claimed, “This letter is sent to the Beulaville KKK chapter in North Carolina. Look, if you all want to die, I advise you to shoot yourselves in the head with your own weapons. Okay? If not, continue acting exactly as you are at the moment; you understand what I mean. And after that, we’ll handle everything for you.”

Miller was detained in March 2022 in Hawaii following a physical altercation with customers at a karaoke bar. A couple they had been lodging with filed for a restraining order against them not long after Ezra was granted bail. They claimed Miller had threatened to “bury” them and had stolen their wallet and passport.

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