What Is Wrong with Chris Kamara: Chris Kamara Disclosed the Cause of His Slurred Speech and Mental Fog After “suffering in Silence.”

what is wrong with chris kamara

Chris Kamara, a broadcaster for Sky Sports for 24 years, will depart the company after the conclusion of the football season in 2021/22.

After viewers became alarmed about the 64-year-old after he appeared to stutter his words during an appearance on Soccer Saturday, the presenter and former footballer Chris Kamara admitted on Twitter that he had “apraxia of speech” in March.

What Was Posted on Twitter by Chris Kamara?

what is wrong with chris kamara

Following his appearance on Soccer Saturday, the Sky Sports broadcaster raised questions from fans online because it appeared that he slurred his words on camera.

Just wanted to let a handful of you who tweeted me today know that I’m doing okay, Kamara wrote. Along with my thyroid condition, I also have apraxia of speech, and I’ve been trying to get it under control. It can be a touch slow on some days, but on other days it’s just typical. I hope I can defeat this!

After being tweeted on Saturday, March 19, his initial tweet has received over 160k likes, 2,500 retweets, and 500 quote tweets.

Although they are well recognized for their sense of humor, Chris revealed something more serious earlier this year. The former professional football player and commentator have been identified with hypothyroidism, also known as under-active thyroid disease, a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones to meet the needs of the body.

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He acknowledged that Talking to His Family About His Condition Was Challenging.

In a YouTube video made for Men’s Health Week, Chris described how he had brain fog and slurred speech but had kept his health worries to himself for two years.

The television celebrity spoke with his brother Jack about his diagnosis in June. When Jack questioned him about why it took him so long to figure out what was wrong, he replied, “Embarrassment, stubbornness, head in the sand. I didn’t want to believe what my body and mind were experiencing.

I must have endured my suffering in quiet for at least 20 months, Jack. “Even though others kept telling me along the road that he wasn’t being himself, I would simply brush it off and say, ‘No, I’m great,'” he continued.

“I Had Never Heard of A Thyroid that Was Underactive.

what is wrong with chris kamara

“I had no idea a tiny hormone the size of a butterfly in your neck controlled your brain and your muscles. a wide range of items. Your feelings

Chris also described how he initially believed he had dementia and even underwent a brain scan.

Brain fog, slurred speech, and other days you’re OK, he continued.

Blood tests were subsequently advised for him, and the results revealed an underactive thyroid.

Chris will now take a prescribed medication regimen for the rest of his life. I’ve been taking medications for three months and feel so much better, he continued.\

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Jeff Expressed His Fears for His Colleague to The Sun in May of This Year.

Despite the fact that it was obviously apparent Kammy wasn’t himself, he said: “I had no idea what was wrong.

He just wasn’t the same Kammy we’ve come to know and love over the years—someone extraverted, lively, snappy, and who would stop you in your tracks. You didn’t need to be particularly perceptive to realize this.

“I recognized there was a problem, and I speculated that it might be the beginning of an early type of dementia brought on by the repeated heading of balls over his football career. “So many former players are currently dealing with that.

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