What Is Wrong with Cara Del? After Abnormal Behavior at The La Airport, Concerns Are Raised

what is wrong with cara del

Cara Delevingne’s life has been the subject of a number of troubling incidents and events that have been reaching the news for a while. Her fans are concerned about the English model’s erratic and hazardous behavior. While some have claimed that her mental health has deteriorated, others believe that she is having problems with addiction. Whatever the circumstances, Cara Delvingne is obviously agitated and ill. Some have speculated that the model’s woes may have anything to do with Amber Heard due to their previously contentious relationship. We investigate the same.

How Is Cara Delevingne Doing?

Model Cara Delevingne is incredibly successful. She is also quite stunning. She does, however, appear to be going through a difficult time right now. Think about this Delevingne had a humiliating day at the airport where she appeared to be confused and untidy.

She also missed the Emmys and the debut of her fashion line. All of this happened in a few weeks. More exists. She was earlier observed smoking a pipe while alone in a car, and she was then observed acting erratically just before boarding a plane. A bleak picture is painted by all of this and the unsettling tales of her days spent in the desert at the Burning Man festival. There is no doubt that Cara Delevingne is in trouble. Although the model hasn’t offered an explanation for her actions, her admirers have come up with a good one: Amber Heard.

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What Role Does Amber Heard Play in This?

Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard have a long history together. It is said that they socialized and partied together a lot. In fact, there was a time when they were allegedly romantically involved. Unverified blurry film from an elevator appeared to show the two having sex. While still dating Johnny Depp, Heard was doing all of this.

Their connection appears to have worsened more lately. When Amber Heard approached Delevingne to seek assistance, she allegedly received a negative response. Heard appears to have changed, and there are rumors that they are dating Eve Barlow. Fans believe that Cara Delevingne may still be in love with Heard and that their breakup may have caused her emotional distress.

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The Battle Her Mother Faces with Addiction

Pandora Delevingne’s mother was eventually made to pay for her time as a prominent socialite. Esquire magazine identified her as a manic depressive who has battled heroin and prescription drug addictions for the majority of her adult life. Delevingne and her siblings have occasionally had to put up with my inability to care for them, which has been pain for me, Pandora admitted to Tatler magazine in 2004.

According to Cara Delevingne, who is now reflecting on her mother’s addiction, “She was sick a lot, in [the] hospital a lot, and there were occasions when she would disappear for quite a long time and I wouldn’t know where she was.” Poppy, Delevingne’s sister, didn’t inform her of her mother’s heroin addiction until she was much older. Despite her mother’s difficulties, Delevingne still has a lot of love for her. She said, “She was an amazing mother, she always had so much love.”

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She Spent Years Feeling “numb.”

The moment Cara Delevingne learned about her mother’s addiction, her entire world came crashing down around her. According to her interview with Esquire, “I suppose I truly started coping with depression when I was about 16 and everything with my family started to make sense and came to the surface.”

The demands of wanting to perform well in school in order to make her parents proud eventually caught up with the model and actress. She learned how to become an expert at burying her feelings and tried to be strong for the sake of her mother.

When she turned 16 and consented to take the medication in exchange for not being hospitalized, she was forced to miss six months of school. Her mood, however, was negatively impacted by the drug. “I wasn’t miserable. It was awful. I was almost sociopath-like “She spoke. She admitted that she had two years of “numbness” before deciding to stop taking her medication at the age of 18.

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