What is World Government’s Plan For Wano?

What is World Government's Plan for Wano?
What is World Government's Plan for Wano?

World Government’s warships are already en route to Wano country. With CP0 already present in the country to inform them about the ongoing activities, the Government has decided to intercept the ongoing battle and take the advantage of the situation. The shrewd Government won’t simply let such golden opportunity slide by.

However, we still didn’t get a clear picture of what their ultimate goal is. Sure, Rob Lucci briefly mentioned that if Kaido were to fall, they will be taking the country of Wano under their umbrella. However, knowing the shadowy business of the Government, there has to be something more to the story. Let’s discuss what is World Government’s plan for Wano is.

What is World Government's Plan for Wano?
What is World Government’s Plan for Wano?

What is World Government’s Plan for Wano? Are They Going to Fight?

There’s a big question mark around this. Sure, they’re bringing the warships along with them but whom are they going to fight? If Kaido wins the ongoing battle, do Government forces believe that they can finish off the emperor? The same emperor that even admirals are cautious about?

Or maybe, if Luffy wins the battle they may try to take hold of Strawhats and alliance and get Wano under their umbrella. But it’s not really going to be an easy thing to do because Luffy is almost on the level of an emperor. Furthermore, he has some other forces backing him up. Who knows, if his fleet shows up, it is going to be a painful situation for the WG.

One thing to notice here is that the ships that are arriving in Wano only have the flat of WG, not the navy. Hence we can assume that some special agents from the Government are coming to Wano. We don’t know anything about their strength but they surely can’t be stronger than admirals, can they?

What is World Government's Plan for Wano?
What is World Government’s Plan for Wano?

They Want Wano’s Weapon Factory

Kaido has been building Wano as one of the world’s biggest weapon-producing countries. Over the years, he has accumulated so many weapons that they’re sufficient to destroy the whole country. For someone like WG who wants power, they’d certainly want a piece of these weapons. This could also be the reason why they’re coming here in the first place.

However, their plans can come to interruption because the fire set up by Kanjuro is on its way to the weaponry. If it makes a contact, it will wipe off Onigashima from the map along with the Flower Capital. Hopefully, Yamato puts stop to this situation and save the lives of people celebrating the festival.

Wano Has Huge Secret

Wano is one of the very few places where prominent figures from the past have appeared and bonded with. Roger, Whitebeard, Shanks, Ace, Oden, all of them have some connection to Wano. For a country that is disconnected from the rest of the world, it is surely something you can’t think about.

Wano may also have played a huge war that occurred 800 years ago during the period we call the void century. Maybe, that was the reason Ryuma closed the borders of Wano because he didn’t want anything to do with the WG since he has seen the kind of heinous things they do.

As the Wano arc comes to an end, we will surely learn more about the country’s history as well as what made it the way it is today. Oden knew something, that’s why he asked his retainers to open the borders of the country for the arrival of a certain individual. Does Government know about this? Is that why they’re infiltrating Wano? We will find out in the next few chapters.

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