What Is Maldivas About? All Latest Updates in 2022

.Maldivas, a Netflix Brazilian comedy-drama mystery series, will definitely be an instant hit, keeping home viewers captivated to their screens until the very end.

The streaming behemoth has no shortage of excellent programming from around the world, particularly from Brazil, and the new shows are all immensely enjoyable from start to finish. Several noteworthy projects from the South American country have made their way to Netflix, including The Chosen One, 3 percent, Reality Z, The Mechanism, and Too Hot to Handle Brazil, to mention a few.

Maldivas is the next fantastic addition to Netflix’s excellent array of Brazilian original programmes. The streaming service is recognised for producing outstanding titles with distinctive tales, diverse characters, and twist-filled plots, all of which the comedy-drama mystery series will undoubtedly provide.

Bruna Marquezine, Manu Gavassi, Carl Castro, Natalia Klein, Sheron Menezzes, Vannessa Gerbelli, and Angela Vieira star in the female-led series, which was conceived by Natalia Klein. In addition, Maldivas will have seven fascinating episodes in its inaugural tense and irreverent season on Netflix.

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Synopsis of The Maldivas

Maldivas follows Liz, a newcomer to the titular colourful condominium complex in picturesque Rio de Janeiro, who is tasked with investigating her estranged mother’s tragic death. As she investigates the mysterious situation, she meets some interesting locals and her deceased mother’s shady network of acquaintances.

Liz rapidly realises that there is more to this mystery than meets the eye, and that something much bigger could be at work. Nothing is as it seems in Maldivas, and looks can be deceiving in what can only be characterised as a thrilling adventure that will keep audiences wondering until the very end.

Trailer for Maldivas

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