What Is Lego Piece 26047? We Googled It so You Don’t Have To

What is Lego piece 26047?

Simply put, Lego piece 26047 is a 2016 Lego piece, and non-gamers have been left perplexed as to why the item has caused such a commotion.

It’s because the meme is only understandable if you’ve played Among Us, an online multiplayer survival game.

Most people will recognise the Lego piece as a conventional one, despite its unique design.

However, if you play Among Us, you’ll see the music in a whole new light.

That’s because Lego component 26047 resembles an Imposter, one of two roles in the online game that are allocated at random.

An Imposter’s goal is to win the game by eliminating the bulk of the Crewmates.

Imposters murder Crewmates in a survival game, and Crewmates eliminate Imposters while accomplishing chores across the globe.

It signifies that Among Us gamers have made Lego piece 26047 a meme.

What Is the Purpose of Lego Piece 26047?

Simply said, this particular Lego item is…a Lego piece. It can be found in 356 sets, 14 minifigs, 13 pieces, and even a pencil pot-shaped gear.

For Among Us gamers, what does Lego piece 26047 mean?

To the majority of people, this is merely a Lego block. It’s a strangely shaped one, to be sure, but it’s still a conventional piece.

What is Lego piece 26047?

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What Type of Individuals Is Sharing the Lego Piece 26047 Post?

Those who are playing the game ‘Among Us’ have shared the post. Yes, the meme is centred on the game Among Us. When an Among Us player watches the meme and looks it up on Google, he understands what it means. But it’s difficult for someone who isn’t into the game to understand what’s going on. A lot of individuals are spreading meanings on the internet that don’t make any sense.

Every day, the gamers of Among Us create a new Meme. They produce films of themselves performing certain feats in that video game. Players’ shorthand becomes widespread on the internet. “Hello, Is this an Imposter from Among Us?” and “When the Imposter is Sus” have recently gone viral. On the Internet, there were a lot of jokes about this trend for Among Us gamers.

When you ask any Among US player what this meme means, they give you strange answers. WHEN THE IMPOSTOR IS SUS, they respond with “AMONG US XDDDDDDD SUS XD,” Aomgus, 26047 is sus, a mongoose, or simply “Sus.” And none of this makes sense to someone who is unfamiliar with the game.

Why Was Lego Piece 26047 Made Into a Meme? Explained.

What is Lego piece 26047?

As you can see in the image above. This brick has a similar appearance to the characters from Among Us. The gaming character on the left is a game character, while the brick on the right is a corporate brick. Each player’s animated figures in Among Us have a separate colour scheme. The bricks of various colours that appear after searching for Lego Piece 26047 resemble the Among Us Characters. So, Among Us fans started this meme trend to present other fans with something that looks like gaming characters. When memes advise people, not to Google anything, they know that they will do just that. So there was the Lego Piece 26047 Meme in a nutshell.

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‘Guys, please don’t search this,’ said many of the guys. It was the biggest blunder of my life. I’m having trouble sleeping right now. ‘Oh God, why did I look for it?’ In addition, a slew of YouTubers began posting response videos to the incident, many of whom wore horrifying expressions. This meme, on the other hand, may have worked for the Among Us crowd. Others, on the other hand, find it irritating.