What is King’s Race? One Piece Discussion?

What is King’s Race? One Piece Discussion?
What is King’s Race? One Piece Discussion?

From One Piece chapter 1022 spoilers, a topic of discussion regarding what is King’s race has been brought up by the fans.  In the chapter, while fighting him, Marco mentioned that he had heard about a race that lives in the Red Line and was capable of creating/manipulating fire at will.

King’s race has always been a topic of discussion among the One Piece Community since it has been mentioned numerous times throughout the series. Now the recent revelation has made things even more interesting with connection to the Red Line. What is King’s race and how relevant is it to the story? Let’s explore.

What is King’s Race? One Piece Discussion?

What is King’s Race? Do We Already Know About It?

So far, Oda hasn’t mentioned any solid information related to King’s race. We’ve only heard some people mention it on various occasions. If Oda is giving this much significance to his race, there must be some huge importance to it. Sure One Piece’s world is studded with some crazy creatures, but King’s race is something that Oda has highlighted on many occasions. Now that we learned they once lived on the Red Line and went extinct, how and why did that happen?

Did World Government Wipe Out King’s Race?

The most plausible explanation is that the world government erased King’s race for some reason. We know that Marejoise is now located on the Red Line, so there should be a connection between Celestial Dragons and King’s Race.

Did World Government Wipe Out King’s Race?

Who knows, maybe his race fought against the government all those years ago along with the Ancient Kingdom. Or maybe they just became part of the cleansing that the government carries out now and then. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure, Oda is going to come up with some crazy revelation that will make King an utterly important character.

Characters Like King

So far, we’ve only seen two characters that resemble King in some form. First is Magellan who has wings just like King on his back. Coincidentally, no character in the series has mentioned anything about Magellan’s race. There’s a high possibility that he and King might be connected in some way or another. But again, if the race was World Government’s enemy, why would they employ him as a head jailor.

Magellan Has Same Wings As King

The other character is Doringo who was a member of the Roger Pirates. We don’t know anything about him other than his name and association with Roger. However, as we learn more about Pirate King’s past, we may learn new things.

Big Mom Wants King’s Race

Big Mom has a hobby of collecting people from various races. She also suggested that she wanted King to join her crew. However, he denied it. As we know, Big Mom only has three races missing from her big family. One we don’t you know yet, while the other two are giants and King’s race. Maybe, Big Mom also knows something crucial about his race and we may learn something from her regarding the same.

King Is Less Fleshed Out Off Any All-Stars

Out of the three All-Stars, we haven’t seen much from King. On the outset, he appears a loyal subordinate of Kaido, but considering that he’s next to him in command, it doesn’t make sense for Oda to not reveal anything about him. Maybe, he’s just saving it and will reveal it later as it’s something pretty important.

Right now, he’s fighting Zoro and Sanji along with Queen. Maybe, there’s a flashback down the line which will let us get a sneak peek into his past and find more information about him.

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