What Harry Potter Taught Queen Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy

Harry Potter is the gift that keeps giving. 

Throughout a digital interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers about Nov. 12, The Queen’s Gambit celebrity Anya Taylor-Joy–who’s first language is Spanish–shared with a fascinating fact about her British schooling. 

“My uncles taught me to see and also to talk at exactly the identical time together with all the Harry Potter novels,” she acknowledged to sponsor Seth Meyers. “I had been this annoying kid, for example, God bless my kids. It usually means that I had been casting spells constantly or with quite annoying phrases. Like, I had been this kind of precocious, annoying kid. It is like,’Mommy I washed the dishes thoroughly.’ You understand that sort of thing”  

The young actress, who starred at the 2015 supernatural horror movie The Witch, additionally discussed the fact of playing with a boxing prodigy on Netflix’s hit series The Queen’s Gambit, compared to understanding the complex sport for real. Spoiler: It was not simple. 

“I had this fantastic idea I was likely to become excellent at chess and you also knowit was likely to be my own superpower forever,” that the 24-year old remembered. “However, the fact was I was working back and so I only had to sort of give myself into it and find out just as far as I could.” 

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