What Happened With Grand Supreme Kai? Dragon Ball Super Discussion

What Happened With Grand Supreme Kai? Dragon Ball Super Discussion
What Happened With Grand Supreme Kai?

Grand Supreme Kai is a known name in the franchise of Dragon Ball. Once a creator of Universe 7, Grand Supreme Kai had all the tools needed to subdue his enemies. However, his power didn’t remain intact as he lost a vast amount of his God ki while fighting against Moro. While he successfully defeated Moro, he had to sacrifice a huge amount of power to seal him.

5 million years after sealing Moro, Majin Buu absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai. This information gets released by Merus in chapter 43 of Dragon Ball Super. The location and real identity of Grand Supreme Kai aka Lord of the Lords have always been a mystery. However, we finally got some revelation on him during the Dragon Ball Super’s Galactic Patrol Arc.

Before we discuss the whereabouts and status of Grand Supreme Kai, first let’s take a glance at who this character is.

Who is Grand Supreme Kai?

Grand Supreme Kai was once the ruler of all of the Universe 7. Until few chapters ago we weren’t aware of his status but we finally have some information on him. Before this, the character only existed in the past from the current timeline but now he is an active participant in the story.

Grand Supreme Kai
Grand Supreme Kai

Where is Grand Supreme Kai Right Now?

As of now, Grand Supreme Kai is a part of Majin Buu. He resides within him and can switch places with him to take the control of the body. We got this piece of information in the Galactic Patrol Arc. When Goku and Vegeta were struggling against Moro, Merus brought Majin Buu to aid them.

Grand Supreme Kai switched places and beat the Moro who was becoming trouble to the duo of Goku and Vegeta. However, this time Kai wasn’t able to seal Moro. Upon further investigation, Merus speculates that Kai may no longer possess the God Kai required to seal Moro.

The Split

Merus suspected that during the split of Evil Buu and Good Buu, the physical characteristics might have gotten transferred to Good Buu, but Evil Buu may have gotten the God Ki. This is what happened. The reason Good Buu or Grand Supreme Kai wasn’t able to use God Ki was that it didn’t even reside within him. After the split, Evil Buu inherited the power of Grand Supreme Kai.

Evil Buu and Good Buu

Goku vs Moro

Now that this reveal was out, Jaco wasted no time to bring out Majin Buu to harness the power of Grand Supreme Kai. Uub who was the reincarnation of Kid Buu transferred the God Ki to Goku and he defeated Moro.

Goku vs Moro

What’s Next for Grand Supreme Kai?

As of now, not much is clear about his position. Good Buu right now possesses the part of appearance and characteristics of Grand Supreme Kai. It seems like the Lord of the Lords will reside inside the body of Buu for the time being.

What do you think of this development? Will we get the involvement of Grand Supreme Kai in the upcoming chapters? What kind of role will he play? Leave your comments down below and let us know.

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