What Happened to Tyler Hoover? Is This the End of The Garage?

what happened to tyler hoover

Tyler Hoover was a well-known figure in the community of auto enthusiasts. Hoover amassed a massive following due to the popularity of his YouTube channel “Hoovies Garage” and his passion for oddball vehicles. In recent months, however, the online automotive community has wondered what happened to this charismatic individual.

What Happened to Tyler Hoover?

Tyler eventually quit his AutoTrader position when his YouTube channel began to generate substantial income. He is married to Quynh Anh Hoover and resides in Wichita, Kansas, with his two children.

Wife Quynh Anh Hoover and Kids

what happened to tyler hoover

Quynh Anh Hoover is the widow of Tyler Hoover. She is Vietnamese and grew up in a small hamlet in the North. In 2008, she arrived in the United States to pursue further education.

Tyler and Quynh Anh first met at an Asian banquet restaurant in Wichita. Tyler addressed her as a worker (hostess/manager) and inquired about the finest menu items, if any.

Their relationship developed rapidly after she responded “Nothing.” The couple was married in 2019. A ceremony was conducted for both Tyler’s family in Wichita and her family in Vietnam.

Tyler and Quynh Anh are the parents of one (male) child. Tyler has a daughter from a previous marriage or relationship; she was born in 2012 or nearby. Her name is Elle. In 2019, shortly after their wedding, their son was delivered.

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Tyler’s Annual Income

what happened to tyler hoover

Tyler, unlike many other YouTubers, does not appear to have a diverse income stream. That’s not to suggest he’s not doing well, but if I were in his position, I’d want an income from multiple projects. Nevertheless, this is not about me. Let’s examine how much money Tyler Hoover earns annually:

$900,000: YouTube

YouTube is by far Tyler’s most lucrative source of income. With well over a million subscribers and each video receiving close to a million views, his ad revenue is doing quite well.

For those unaware, it is possible to estimate YouTube’s ad revenue by presuming that every million views generate $1,000. It’s not entirely accurate, and it varies from niche to niche, but the majority of YouTubers concur that this is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Social Blade indicates that Hoovies Garage receives an average of 300,000 views per day. This number multiplied by 365 equals 109,500,000 views per year. That’s a substantial number of views. As you might expect, this is precisely why he can afford to purchase so many cars and live in such a luxurious home.

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$50,000: Sponsorships

what happened to tyler hoover

On the Hoovies Garage YouTube channel, Tyler uploads a few sponsored videos. However, due to the scale of his channel and the average number of views per video, advertisers are likely paying him a substantial amount of money to expose their products to his audience.

Based on the frequency of his sponsored videos and what I know about the rates for sponsored content from my own YouTube channel, I estimate that he earns $50,000 per year. I would argue that the $50,000 estimate is conservative. I may be significantly underestimating a substantial portion of Tyler Hoover’s net worth with this estimate.

$10,000: Merchandise

Many of his viewers are unaware that they can purchase Hoovies Garage merchandise (T-shirts, caps, etc.). This is something that Tyler does not promote very often, which is a pity. With his sizeable audience, he could earn a substantial profit from these merchandise sales!

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