What Happened to Mike in Sing 2? Unveiling the Truth Behind Mike’s Story in Sing 2!

what happened to mike in sing 2

The 2016 release of Sing. In the popular film, koala bear Buster Moon is a struggling theater owner who conducts a singing competition to prevent his theater from going into foreclosure. His competition attracts a variety of species and musical genres.

Sing 2 was issued in 2021, and a great deal had changed by that time. To begin with, fan-favorite Mike the mouse was missing. Even odd was the fact that his absence was never mentioned in the film. Not one word was said about Mike.

So what then? We explain why Mike was not in Sing 2 below.

Who Is Mike from The Film “Sing?”

what happened to mike in sing 2

Mike, a street musician mouse voiced by Seth MacFarlane and exclusive to Sing, is an entrepreneur. He desired wealth, notoriety, and female companionship. He was conceited and avaricious, and he made no attempt to conceal the fact that he believed himself to be superior to others. He was so confident that he would win and become wealthy that he purchased a flashy vehicle before the singing competition.

Mike had the ability and aptitude to be a musician, however. Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” was among his most frequently performed jazz compositions.

Mike typically wore a red uniform with a red fedora, a black tie, and black shoes. His fur was white.

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What Transpired with Mike in “Sing 2”?

what happened to mike in sing 2

Since Sing 2 never explained Mike’s absence, fans have devised their own explanations, with the majority of them claiming he perished in a dramatic fashion. Some believe that his gambling propensity may have left him penniless, leading to his consumption by bears.

Others believe he may have been gang-raped (yes, it’s possible!). In a Reddit post, u/itsamemario_o shared a screenshot of a Google search that claimed director Garth Jennings stated that Mike perished from gang-raped. Again, it seems improbable that a PG-rated film would kill off a character in such a manner. This post could have been edited effortlessly.

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by u/itsamemario_o in shittymoviedetails

In a distinct Reddit post, we finally come across an answer that seems plausible. In a discussion about Sing 2, user u/Guiee inquired if Mike had died in the original film.

“No,” replied u/RiffRaffe. I attended a question-and-answer session with the film’s director, Garth Jennings, who stated that if he has the opportunity to make another film, he may bring back Mike. He stated that he appreciates Seth McFarlane’s singing and acting, but that he’s had enough of the character.”

This makes complete sense! In addition, this gives us optimism that a third installment of Sing is in the works. The best of luck!

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