JB Mauney Got Unconscious During Championship at Houston Livestock Show!

what happened to jb mauney

James Burton J.B. Mauney is a professional rodeo cowboy from the United States who specializes in bull riding. The majority of his career was spent riding in the Professional Bull Riders, for which he won the global title in 2013 and 2015.

While only 36 years old, bull rider JB Mauney is already a legend within the rodeo community. The fact that JB was knocked unconscious during a competition has recently caused worry among rodeo enthusiasts.

What Became of JB Mauney?

what happened to jb mauney

J.B. was tossed from his bull during the championship event at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on March 19 and struck the metal chute. ABC13 in Houston stated that J.B. was examined on-site by the RodeoHouston sports medicine team and was walking and talking shortly after the event. JB was excluded from the remainder of the competition but had already amassed enough points to place fourth.

JB has not yet addressed the issue on social media, but all reports indicate that he will heal well. As he probably knows better than most, bull riding is inherently dangerous, and such injuries are always a possibility. After suffering major injuries throughout the years, JB has become one of the most renowned figures on the rodeo circuit at the age of 36.

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JB Has Been a Professional Athlete for Over 15 Years

JB began participating in rodeo contests in 2006 and has traveled across the country for competitions in the years that followed. He began participating in rodeos at the age of three and rode sheep; since then, he has been mentored by 1995 World Champion bull rider Jermone Davis.

JB, widely regarded as one of the best bull riders of his generation, is only the third rider in the history of the elite series to reach 500 rides.

JB is the first bull rider to surpass $7 million in career earnings, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Although his injuries may have caused some supporters to fear, JB has not indicated that he will retire from bull riding. He was really fortunate that his accident wasn’t more severe, but JB seemed eager to take his achievement to the next level.

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Supporters Wish JB the Best After His Latest Injury

Even though JB has not yet posted about his fall, people are still leaving him well wishes on his latest Instagram postings.

“Hope you are ok! Yesterday, that was a frightening event in a short go! “One author wrote the text.

“How’s it going, JB? Everyone in Houston would be interested in knowing, “a new person was added.

“Prayers for you following the short round incident,” remarked a second individual.

Although it is unclear when JB will provide an update on his current status, the bull rider’s supporters are understandably concerned. He is one of the biggest names in the sport, and many are hopeful that he will remain injury-free in the years to come.

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