What Happened to AJ Styles? An Investigation Into His Disappearance!

what happened to aj styles

American Professional Wrestler Allen Neal Jones, better known by his ring as AJ Styles. Currently, he is employed by WWE’s RAW Brand. He is considered one of the best performers in the wrestling industry. In addition to Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, he has worked for various independent outfits.

What Became of A.J. Styles?

what happened to aj styles

Due to an injury sustained during a WWE live event in December 2022, AJ Styles was unable to participate in a big storyline on the Road to WrestleMania 39. He stated on Saturday that he fractured his ankle on Thursday night during a match at a live event. Styles stated on Twitter that the injury will not necessitate surgery, but will cause him to miss more time than any other injury in his career.

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Injuries to A.J. Styles Offers Opportunities

what happened to aj styles

Injuries are never a good thing, but they are an inevitable aspect of being a professional wrestler. It is yet to be confirmed how much time Styles will miss due to a broken ankle, although a brief and utterly unscientific Google search suggests six to ten weeks.

It is a pure assumption that AJ Styles will recuperate in the same period of time, as every situation is unique. Still, it provides viewers with a good understanding of the position WWE is facing.

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WWE has no viable option for keeping The OC off the air until AJ Styles heals. It would make much more sense for Triple H and his crew to come up with inventive methods to keep Gallows and Anderson involved in the tag-team scene, while simultaneously allowing Yim to improve her signal in singles contests. Her assistance to Becky Lynch on the January 2 episode of Raw is an excellent example of how to keep The OC members involved in bouts even when Styles is absent.

While it would be intriguing for someone else to lead The OC—possibly resulting in a civil war plotline once Styles returns—there are no obvious candidates to replace AJ. Certainly not in terms of publicly recognized free agents. Instead, WWE may rely on Karl Anderson to be The Original Club’s point man for the next several weeks.

In the ring and on the microphone, he is grossly undervalued by North American viewers and a captivating wiseacre. Styles’ absence might provide WWE with a unique opportunity to familiarize viewers with Anderson’s promos. This would strengthen The OC in the long run.

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