The Reason Why Your Gmail Is Being Queued and How to Fix It!

what does queued mean

Have you ever experienced a “queued” message in Gmail when using an Android device to send emails? Androids are specifically impacted by this problem, but what does it signify and how can it be resolved?

When the Gmail app indicates that anything is queued, it signifies that the email cannot be sent right away. The app will attempt to send the email again later, but if you need a workaround right away, continue reading.

The Causes for Your Email Being Queued

There are several causes for this problem you can be having:

  • You don’t have enough storage, which might explain why an email is held up. The email will remain in queue until your device discovers more storage.
  • Problems between the app and the server – In this scenario, waiting until the network problems are fixed is your best option. Other solutions exist, but they need a little more effort.
  • It’s possible that you’ve exceeded a limit, which might apply to any number of factors, including the quantity of emails you sent or the size of any attached files.

what does queued mean

How to Fix Gmail Queued Email

You must confirm that the issue only affects mobile devices before attempting any of the two possible remedies. Send a test email to yourself using the web interface on your desktop or laptop. Emails won’t send from Gmail if it’s unavailable. If it completes without a hitch, you know you have a problem with your mobile app in particular and you may attempt the next two solutions to fix it.

1. Switch on And Off Sync

Step 1: Open the Gmail app’s menu and select Settings.

what does queued mean

Step 2: Next, choose Accounts.

Step 3: The next step is to select a Google Account.

Step 4: Choose the email account that has been giving you trouble.

Step 5: Click “Uncheck Email” and then “Restart Phone.”

what does queued mean


Step 6: Click the checkbox to activate it when your phone has completely rebooted.

what does queued mean


Hopefully, that will have fixed it. If not, you may need to try and clear the app’s cache.

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2. Delete the cache of the app

Step 1: Go to Phone Settings in .

Step 2: Next, select Application Manager.

what does queued mean


Step 3: From the applications, choose All.

Step 4: From the list of available apps, select Gmail.

Step 5: Clear cache and Clear data buttons should be visible.

what does queued mean


Step 6: Press the two buttons.

That is how you may rapidly delete any emails that were waiting in the queue and clean the cache of your app.

These are the two most typical methods for resolving emails that have become queued in the Gmail client, and they ought to work for the majority of situations.

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