What Bagel Chicken Tenders: The New Favorite Air Fryer Recipe

I Air-Fried Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders & I’ll Never Order Fast Food Again

I’m definitely the Type of person that Places Quick Meals at the top of the Guilty Pleasures Listing.

What could I say?! Following an especially hard day or lengthy nighttime, nothing gets me feel much better than a chicken nuggets and chips –at least, till I am done binge-eating them, and I feel much worse. After buying an atmosphere fryer, I have resolved to try making a few of my quick food faves using a ~marginally healthier~ spin, so once I stumbled upon a recipe for all bagel-inspired chicken tendersI knew I had found a true competitor.

I’m not even a Trader Joe’s woman by any means, however I’d stand in line out New York’s constantly-busy 14th St. place and wait for my turn to purchase the cherished Everything But The Bagel Taste. Healthy eaters everywhere over the material, promising you can set it on almost anything to get an instantaneous taste update. Personally, it’d never piqued my attention, but once I began seeing drool-worthy photographs of air-fried chicken tenders breaded using all the seasoning for a small additional pizzazzI was certainly intrigued, and that I purchased not one, but 2 bottles. You know, in the event I become obsessed with and connect with the god of TJs. (BTW, in case you do not reside near a Trader Joe’s, then you will find a lot of what bagel seasoning combinations you can purchase online.)

I understood it to make tenders great sufficient to outdo my quick food preferred (Shout out to Burger King, adore you baby!) , I could not try to recreate what had been perfected. I needed to go another route entirely, and that was why the all bagel chicken tenders inquisitive me. Instead of follow 1 recipe just, I wound up mixing two recipes I’d saved to my atmosphere fryer board Pinterest. I got the notion to use the Everything But The Bagel seasoning out of this recipe from Paleoish Krista, also integrated the seasoning within this chicken tender recipe with Greatest Steak Box.

Everything I used

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

An Air Fryer (I live and die to the Cuisinart AFR-25, highly HIGHLY recommend)

What bagel seasoning (I used the TJs one, however that one is essentially the identical item )

1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast, essentially invisibly into bits

Panko bread crumbs

two big hens

Black pepper

jojoba oil spray




Everything I Would

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

First things firstI took two bowls out and whisked my 2 eggs in a single. From another, I generated a mix of 2 components bread crumbs, 1 component EBTB seasoning. It’s possible to add in greater or less seasoning according to your own personal taste.

I laid my chicken strips and seasoned them with salt, black pepper and paprika. The ideal Recipe Box directions also indicate garlic powder, however, the EBTB seasoning is currently so garlic-y, I managed to do .

second, the enjoyable part. I dredged my experienced chicken into my egg mix, then put it into my bread crumb bowl and then guaranteed it was completely coated. I did so for each and every bit, and if every one was completed I put it in my atmosphere fryer basket, and this can be similar to a long, horizontal tray.

Subsequently I chose my olive oil spray and then gave every strip a great coating, turning them over to guarantee the oil obtained on either side. You really do need to guarantee the chicken is totally coated so it crisps, however, the purpose of an atmosphere fryer is it takes far less oil than conventional skillet, therefore no need to go mad with this.

Eventually, I put my atmosphere fryer into 425 levels and allow it to do everything for around 10-12 moments, stopping when to reverse the tenders halfway through the procedure.


The Way It Turned Out

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

Reader, I have made these 3 TIMES because I heard just how two weeks before, and I have not even thought about my cherished quick food nuggets. These are really incredibly crispy and yummy, and they operate with nearly every condiment, but I prefer Chik-Fil-A sauce, that I constantly have on-hand–do not judge me.

When somebody who does not cook, having the ability to whip up these yummy chicken tenders provides me a great deal of kitchen assurance, whether it’s actually deserved. If you are trying to set your atmosphere fryer to great use and meet some quick food cravings, then these all bagel-inspired chicken tenders would be the meal to you. TBH, you are welcome to your hot tip.




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