What are flying spiders?

After the horrifying news of murder hornets, people find it difficult to cope with the news of flying spiders. On various social media platforms, people express their fear of flying spiders. The biggest question that arises is flying spiders real?

Chicago resident has shared their experience of encounter with flying spiders in June and August last year. Unusual spider behavior was witnessed by them in which spiders traveled through single-ended strings. It was astonishing to know that spiders can fly.

Can spiders fly?

In reality, spiders do not have wings and cannot fly. The scientist has discovered a specific species that glide through the air and move as if flying. There has been fake news circulated with a picture of a spider with wings, making the people more scared.

These airborne species are called Selenops and can steer midair using forelegs and fly from one tree to another. They can only do this for few meters and then land on the branch of the tree. This parachuting phenomenon is called ballooning in the air, and more than one species can do this.

Larinioides Sclopetarius species is not new in this world. In suburban areas, they can only be found from May to August in tall buildings. These are commonly known as bridge spiders or grey cross. To fuel their flight, they use atmospheric static electricity and attach to anything in their way of flight, which can be a moth or insect.

Scientific explanation on flying spider –

According to the University of Louisville in Kentucky, Stephen Yanoviak, a tropical arthropod ecologist, these spiders glide in the air very precisely. Several tests were done on flying spiders, and they found that they could hang glide just like grasshoppers and praying mantises. Before throwing the spiders from tall trees, they painted them orange. Due to thin bodies, the spiders land better than a cat. They are speedy and can change their angle mid-flight.

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