Westworld Season 3 Episode 5 recap

Fans learn much more about two new mysterious characters in Sunday night’s episode of Westworld, Vincent Cassell’s Serac and Aaron Paul’s Caleb.

The new episode, Genre, represents the fifth episode of the eight-episode season, as we delve into the back half of the season.

The preview for the upcoming episode teased we’d learn much more about where Serac and Caleb came from, and the episode certainly did not disappoint.

We first met Serac towards the end of the second episode of the season, The Winter Line, where he first met Maeve (Thandie Newton).

Past: Fans learn much more about two new mysterious characters in Sunday night’s episode of Westworld, Vincent Cassell’s Serac and Aaron Paul’s Caleb

The episode begins with Serac, speaking in French, talking about his past, about his brother, revealing that they built this system to save humanity.

‘But there were problems, things you couldn’t predict, flies in the ointment,’ he added.

The graphics that we have been seeing all season that show a ‘divergence’ is seen in a watch Serac is wearing, as he meets with a foreign leader.

Serac says there is a ‘small group’ of anomalies’ as he reveals he knows about the secret deals this foreign leader has made.

He asks if he flew down there to threaten him in front of his military, with Serac saying that the relationship is built on trust.

He trusted him to do what he was told in order to ensure his election, with Serac threatening to return in six weeks to talk to the new president unless he gets what he wants.

Serac leaves towards his private plane as the credits sequence begins. 

Serac says that buuilding a god was not easy, and he needed data, which is where Dempsey came in, adding that his company Incite had, ‘the entire world’s data.’

An angry Dempsey says he made the worst business decision of his career by trusting the brothers.

The brothers whisper that they should just kill him, he’ll get in the way, as Dempsey leaves with his child, a young Liam.

Back in present day, Serac is told there are problems in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and that Liam was with Dolores.

‘Activate every asset we have. I want her caught,’ Serac tells his subordinate.

In Los Angeles, Dolores tells Caleb and Liam (John Gallagher Jr.) that they need to keep moving so Serac can’t find him.

Caleb wonders what they need with him since they have all his money, but Dolores says she needs access to the system.

Liam says his access won’t be enough, but Dolores says they need to find a way to beat him together or they will all die.

Liam tells Caleb that she used him, and he says she’s using him too, as he wears the glasses that tells the future.

Liam becomes afraid and backs away from Liam before he slams a chip into his neck and runs away.

Dolores bends over him and flashes a bright light in Caleb’s face, asking if he’s OK, before saying they have to move because he’ll find us.

They go on a roof as it suddenly becomes black and white, with strange music playing in the background. 

Dolores opens a backpack on an automated bike that comes by, as she tells Caleb and Liam that they need to get across town as she sends the bike away.

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Dolores leads them all into a taxi as the show keeps switching back and forth from black and white to color.

Caleb says they’re using his system to track them, when Dolores asks for his private key, while Caleb says they’re waiting to get them alone.

The cab says an Amber Alert has been issued as the cab automatically pulls over, while Caleb tries to break out as several vehicles approach. 

Dolores severs the network connection to the car, asking Liam to give him the network access and she can save him.

Liam thinks he can’t kill him, because they need him, but it seems not to be the case, as Liam gives the key and they override the car and take off.

Caleb starts fading in the cab, struggling to stay awake, as Dolores tells the car to head south.

As the chase continues, Dolores breaks the roof as Caleb starts firing at them as they take a sharp U-turn.

Caleb fires a rocket that the truck dodges, but it turns back and takes one of the trucks out.

Dolores tells the automated motorcycle to intercept the other truck, while Caleb continues to struggle to stay awake.

They stop in the middle of the road and get out as the motorcycle slides under the truck, causing it to crash into  a light pole.

Dolores starts firing at another car with her machine gun, as everything seemingly goes in slow-motion for Caleb.

Dolores looks at him as he shakes it off, and starts firing alongside her, as they move into another cab while Ash (Lena Waithe) and Giggles (Marshawn Lynch) come in to help.

Dolores says they need Liam alive, when Giggles says he knows what he’s on, a drug called Genre, which makes everything seem like a movie, which explains the previous effects after Liam injected him.

Liam tells Dolores that he can’t get access unless she’s at the node, and she can’t be in two places at once.

We learned in last week’s episode, though, that the five host cores that Dolores smuggled out were actually copies of Dolores, so she actually can be in two places at the same time.

Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) enter Incite with Liam’s private key as they access the system. 

Bernard asks Martin if he’s ever questioned what she’s asking him to do, as Dolores receives  the data while Caleb plays out the next ‘act’ of the genre drug.

Dolores, Caleb, Giggles and Ash enter a Los Angeles subway station as Ash hacks the entry so they get in for free and get on the train.

Serac says in voiceover that Dempsey wanted to see proof that the system worked, and they proved it, projecting the stock market, where it closed that night.

He put money into a hedge fund and let the system play the market with it, but Serac says he didn’t really understand it.

Serac says that they realized they could shape the world, and they had charted a course for the entire human race, ‘planned for years in advance.’

‘We brought order from chaos, and then with all of the best laid plans, chaos,’ adding that Dempsey got greedy and they locked him out of the system.

He adds that in every system there were outliers and agitators and he realized that his brother was one of them, and it drove his brother ‘mad.’

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On the subway, Dolores says they will tell everyone their stories, everyone’s fate, but Liam says that would cause chaos.

Liam says there are some people who shouldn’t know things about himself.

Liam puts on the glasses and says that Giggles will be lucky, ‘if he ends up in a ditch.’

Ash asks about her, and he says she does this for her ‘golden boy brother,’ but says that, ‘where he ends up, he’s gonna make you look like a saint,’ as she sits down, distraught.

Control: We also learned that, while Maeve has the ability to control the hosts, Serac has control over her

Caleb, meanwhile, is still under the effects of Genre, as he sees a soldier sitting down on the subway.

He tells everyone that when he was overseas, the rats were awful and they had to make their own traps.

He said that if they built the traps a certain way, they would have hope but they never had a chance, just like the people controlled by his sytem.

‘I would rather live in chaos than in a world controlled by you,’ an intense Caleb tells Liam.

She tells Martin to send everyone’s data to everyone who has been riding the train, as everyone goes through their phones.

‘It’s not just what it knows, it’s what it decides, for everyone,’ Dolores says, as everyone reacts to their files that Incite has on them.

One mother looks at her file, and sees that the young daughter with her will commit suicide in between five to eight years, as the train comes to a stop and they get out.

Back at Incite, Martin tells Bernard that it’s almost time, and he has to choose a side.

Caleb watches all of these people reacting to the news they just got, and Liam says, ‘I hope you’re happy. You just ruined everyone’s lives in the station.’

Dolores says it wasn’t just the station, she sent it to everyone in the entire world, as an orchestral version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity plays.

Liam watches the world around him already plunge into chaos, saying they have already returned to their ‘base selves.’  

A cab stops as a man and woman get out and try to kill Caleb, but Dolores steps in front of the bullets and saves him, while killing them as well.

Caleb looks at her in awe as she simply zips up her jacket and they walk away.

Serac reacts with anger, while saying in voice over that Dempsey was cashing his checks for 10 years but one day, his curiosity got the better of him.

Dempsey is seen going into a large facility, seeing a number of small glass-enclosed living quarters, when he’s asked if he’s authorized to be here.

He says he’s here to see Serac, who is talking to his brother.

Dempsey asks what this place is, and Serac says it’s possible to ‘edit people.’

‘You’re experimenting on your own goddamn brother?” an incredulous Dempsey says.

Serac says he caught his brother experimenting with the system, and that it’s time for him to leave things behind because he is an outlier.

‘Isn’t helping them better than killing them off?’ Serac asks, but Dempsey says they aren’t helping them. 

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Back at Incite, Martin shows Bernard the facility where they put those who don’t belong, when Ashley (Liam Hemsworth) arrives and overpowers Martin, as Bernard takes the button that controls Bernard.

‘We need to know everything she has planned,’ Bernard says.

Martin says they have to leave before they kill them all, but Martin says his role is finished. 

Bernard and Ashley leave as Martel (Pom Klementieff) approaches Martin and says Serac would like to have a word.

Through a digital projection, Serac says Martin was always his most valuable assets and he was surprised the breach came from there.

Martin says he knows exactly who to blame, and he says it’s him, as he sets off an explosive charge as the whole floor explodes.

Ashley asks Bernard what happened out there, as Bernard says her plan has started.

Dolores, Caleb, Liam, Ash and Giggles are all walking on a beach, with Dolores saying they need to get to an airfield.

Dolores says they don’t need Liam anymore, as Liam says they have everything and to let him go.

Liam says the system isn’t the prison, they are, adding that Caleb is ‘the worst of them’ as he sees something in a flashback.

A gunshot goes off as Liam is shot in the stomach by Ash, who says, ‘I guess I do have a choice’ and walks away.

Caleb stands over him as he sees a flashback of him trying to help a fellow soldier when he was at war. 

While Liam tries to help him, Liam says ‘You did it’ as Caleb screams, ‘Who do you think I am?’ but Liam is dead.

On a plane, Serac is told they found out what files Dolores was looking for – his own.

Martin: Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan) is seen with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) as they examine the massive system that Serac is building

Serac tells Dempsey that he has to stop the agitator as they drive in a car, when Dempsey sees smoke.

Serac says that every scenario where people learn about their files ends in human extinction.

Serac tells someone that this is how they bring you into this world, as Dempsey realizes the smoke is coming from Dempsey’s jet, as he bashes his head into the wing of the plane.

Serac drags Dempsey’s body away, which is being watched from an eye, as Serac tells Dolores this is his system and he has control.

Dolores tells Serac that the people who created her thought they had control too, but they’re all dead. 

They’re in an airplane hanger, as Serac says he’ll do anything to protect his kind, but Dolores says, ‘It’s time everyone woke up,’ as she walks through the digital projection of Serac.

Serac starts losing his temper on his own private plane.

At the hangar, Caleb is delivered a large bag, as Caleb tells Dolores that maybe Liam was right, maybe people shouldn’t learn their own fate.

Dolores says people deserve to know as she takes the bag and walks onto the plane, as Caleb follows as the episode comes to an end. 

Martin: Connells has been doing Dolores’ bidding lately, while one intriguing part of the preview features what sounds like the voice of Bernard, presumably asking Caleb if he has ever ‘questioned what she is asking you to do

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