We will need to phase out Ontario’s gas-fired electricity plants, never to ramp up them

Smoke issues from the stacks of the Portlands Energy Centre in this file photo from 2009.

The daily count of COVID-19 instances and wall-to-wall policy of the financial fallout in the pandemic has tended to blind us into a troubling fact: we’ve got a much bigger problem on our hands, and it hasn’t gone away.

I refer, obviously, to the weather catastrophe. Together with the planet establishing a new temperature record in July, the trendline to your climate is looking much bleaker than the trendline to get COVID-19. That is the reason it’s so upsetting that Ontario’s already feeble plan for decreasing our state’s climate change is going to take yet another hit as gas-fired creating channels are gearing up to take care of the coming closure of the Pickering Nuclear Station.

Honestly, the last thing that our state or our world requires is more than 300 percent boost in climate pollution out of gas-fired power plants, but this is precisely where Ontario is directed, in accordance with Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator.

The great thing is the fact that it does not need to be the way. The Ford authorities has lots of better choices for keeping the lights from restoring energy efficiency applications and importing cheap water electricity from Quebec to finish its absurd attacks on renewable energy.

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Each of these choices are reduced price and carbon-free. We compensated as little as two cents a kWh to decrease the requirement to create power in the first place by industrial energy efficiency plans, while also saving companies money. To get a juvenile authorities, adopting these plans ought to be a no-brainer, particularly with companies and taxpayers grappling with the financial strike against COVID-19, but rather the Ford authorities has left deep cuts to efficacy spending.

Importing low price electricity from Quebec is also a sensible option. Our neighbors have loads of power to spare — in reality, they’ve been ditching it on spot markets at the U.S. for decades now. They’ve offered Ontario a lasting bargain at a price that’s half what we’re paying for atomic energy. Refusing a bargain on terms such as these is similar to turning off free ice cream on a hot summer afternoon. It makes zero sense and only adds to the anguish from Ontario’s already worried power ratepayers, that are still awaiting the state’s long-promised 12 percent rate decrease.

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And sticking our heads in the sand about the reduced costs other states are currently paying for solar energy and wind energy is once more demonstrating how strangely shortsighted our authorities could be. You can just shake your head in Premier Ford’s assertions that green electricity will be somehow”dreadful” — because he termed wind turbines in 2019 — while still increasing the heat on the world by turning the gas is OK.

there’s not any possibility Ontario will achieve even its small (and honestly insufficient ) climate goals when it sticks with its own strategy to hugely ramp gas gas plant usage. That is not merely perplexing — it’s self-evident. We have seen the rising intensity of storms our state that summer and winter heat waves. A sensible power and climate program would phase-out our gas-fired energy plants 2030, maybe not ramp up them by greater than 300 percent.

Angela Bischoff is currently Campaigns Director for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance and secretary of an alliance of 37 bands which are calling for its phase-out of Ontario’s gas-fired energy plants from 2030.

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