We Need To Do Something Ending Explained

We Need To Do Something Ending Explained

We Need To Do Something is a psychological horror movie directed by Sean King O’Grady and based on the novel of the same name by Max Booth III. It stars Sierra McCormick in the lead role while Vinessa Shaw, Lisette Alexis, and Pat Healy provide supporting roles.

While We Need To Do Something establishes an intriguing plot, it fails to capitalize on the laid down premise. It starts well but falls flat with too many convoluting plots. The last bits of the movie too don’t do any justice to it.

But we aren’t here to talk about that. So let’s get on with it and do We Need To Do Something ending explained and break down its final moments.

We Need To Do Something Ending Explained

We Need To Do Something Plot

The beginning of the movie introduces us to the family of four who reside to protect themselves from the storm that is brewing outside. The movie does an excellent job of establishing the urgent needs of characters and what they’re going through.

The family consists of a married couple of Diane and her husband and their son and daughter Bobby and Melissa respectively. The daughter Melissa is the center of the story and the plot revolves around her. The storm outside keeps posing a bigger threat so the dad goes to the door to check the circumstances.

To his surprise, the door doesn’t open as a fallen tree blocks it. Furthermore, nobody has come to their aid from the neighborhood. Will the family be able to go through the storm or go insane waiting? Let us find out.

Melissa and Amy

We learn a bit more about Melissa and her relationship through her flashback. Her friend was involved in black magic. So it is possible that the ongoing storm was the result of the duo summoning it through magic.

I don’t think this introduction was black magic was required at all. If the movie was centered on psychological elements, it would’ve done much better. However, too many supernatural elements spoiled the fun.

In any case, we get the gist of Amy and what kind of relationship she had with Melissa. Her dad gets the sniff of this scenario and tries to unveil the truth.

We Need To Do Something Ending Explained

We Need To Do Something Ending Explained

In the last moments of the movie, the father receives the call on Melissa’s phone. He tries to kill her off thinking that she caused this havoc. However, with the help of her mother, she manages to stab and kill him.

After being stuck in the bathroom for a while, Diane goes out. Amy enters the bathroom and uses some sort of magic to attack Melissa. Thankfully, her mother returns but is covered in blood. With no sanity, they both remain in the bathroom hoping for saving.

The movie provides an open-ended scenario. In the last moment, we see both mother and daughter look for an opening as some figure enters. Now it could be Amy who’s about to kill them or someone who has come to rescue them. Guess we will never know.

So that’s it about We Need To Do Something, what did you make of it? Let us know in the comments. For more movie content, make sure to follow our social media handles. Checkout its official trailer down below.

We Need To Do Something Trailer
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