We Have Been Pronouncing the Name of Emily at Paris Incorrect

Emily at Paris, the Netflix Series starring Lily Collins, is again at the middle of a heated (when low-stakes) Net Dialog.

Lily Collins reacts to’disheartening’ Emily Back in Paris backlash for its first time (and shows what she will change in year two )

On the heels of this news that the series will return for another year, Netflix dropped a bombshell on its own official Twitter accounts: We have been pronouncing the name wrong this whole time. “Friendly reminder Emily at Paris is assumed to be more declared with a French accent ‘Emily’ and’Paris’ rhyme,” the dialog stated.

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Friendly reminder Emily at Paris is assumed to be more declared with a French accent thus’Emily’ and’Paris’ rhyme

— Netflix (@netflix) November 11, 2020

Excusez-moi? Quelle horreur! Mais non! (Moreover, is that more French Emily speaks from the whole first year? Maybe )

Anyhow, the world wide web, unsurprisingly, had a field day on this disclosure.

No matter how it’s pronounced, Emily at Paris is here to stay for another year, such as we mentioned previously. The next instalment of this show has been supported on November 11 from Netflix. Plot details remain uncertain, but audiences are dying to learn what happens involving Emily, Camille, along with Gabriel. (Reminder-slash-spoiler: Emily and Gabriel hooked up following Gabriel broke off things with Camille. But, Camille does not have any idea they have together…and she and Emily are best buddies.)

Netflix only confirmed Emily at Paris year two (!!) Here is what we know so far…

Perhaps there’ll be a connection between Emily and Camille. “If Camille yells Emily about the mouth, she is like,’Oh, so I am not sorry’ And when [Emily and Camille are] in bed, and I am enjoying the image, it is all small seeds. Anything may happen between both of them,” Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) informed Cosmopolitan. “I believe Darren [Star, the creator] desires this season to become very receptive. He wishes to explore unique things and allow it to be sensible of the planet has become.”

I, for one, will probably be pronouncing the name wrongly before the conclusion of the time. You can’t make me state it otherwise! I refuse!

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