‘We believed we won’:’ Vancouver shipyard struggles second icebreaker struggle

A worker walks through the Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards in North Vancouver, B.C., on April 2, 2014.

OTTAWA–Mark Lamarre is creating his most recent pitch for why Ottawa should select Seaspan ULC to create up the Canadian Coast Guard’s next flagship, the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker.

The pitch entails an arrangement where, in case the Vancouver shipbuilder receives the contract to create the polar icebreaker, then it is going to employ Newfoundland-based Genoa Design International to perform a part of their job.

The goal of Lamarre’s demonstration is to emphasize the two Genoa’s possible and the way giving the contract into Seaspan, which announced a similar agreement with all Ontario-based Heddle Marine at June, will reap unique areas of the nation.

However there’s something to his own spiel, an inherent frustration on the fact that he is needing to sell his lawn since the ideal spot to construct the desperately desired polar icebreaker. The origin of the frustration: Seaspan won the job before.

“I only want to highlight again that it is work we believed we obtained,” Lamarre tells The Canadian Press prior to replicating the purpose under a minute afterwards. “That is work we think we have won”

The Diefenbaker was initially declared by Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in 2008 and given to Seaspan at October 2011, among seven boats to be constructed from the Vancouver shipyard during Ottawa’s multibillion-dollar shipbuilding plan.

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The program at the time had been to get the whole deal, valued at $8 billion to seven boats, for usher in a new era of prosperity and stability to shipbuilding on Canada’s West Coast while providing much-needed vessels to the Coast Guard and Navy.

The Diefenbaker was the crown jewel of this bundle. Originally budgeted at $721 million, also the polar icebreaker was assumed to be sent 2017 and substitute the Coast Guard’s flagship, the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent.

But scheduling conflicts, technical issues and other difficulties scuttled the deadline and funding — that was raised to $1.3 billion 2013 and is under review — until the authorities raised the boat by Seaspan’s order publication in August 2019.

Ottawa requested shipyards from March to describe exactly how and why they ought to find the contract. Seaspan and Quebec rival Chantier Davie, that dropped from this contest that watched Seaspan receive the Diefenbaker at 2011, were one of the respondents.

However, it is clear Lamarre does not believe there should be some question about which lawn ought to be tasked with constructing the boat.

“As I saidwe competed to the job 2011 and won the right into the noncombat vessels,” he explained. “Since that time, we have invested to the among the most modern shipyards in North America.”

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The provider states those branches have totalled $185 million within the previous nine decades and were especially created for the use of constructing the icebreaker — also Lamarre says maybe not decreasing the contract”affects our economic outlook.”

“We’re a profitable company today,” he states. “And we’ve got a schedule of work facing us, however, I only want to highlight again that it is work we believed we won… Plus it is exactly what we found our decision to investing in this system.”

Asked whether Seaspan would sue the government when it did not receive the deal, Lamarre states:”It is too early for this.”

The government hasn’t given much of a justification for why it required the Diefenbaker from Seaspan, substituting in 16 smaller boats which the Vancouver shipyard claims were promised to it from the last Conservative government.

Ottawa has stated it needs to ensure the icebreaker is constructed”from the most effective fashion,” noting that the rising age of the Coast Guard’s full icebreaker fleet. It hasn’t stated when a decision may be made.

Davie is known as Seaspan’s chief competition for its Diefenbaker. After dropping from this contest for work at 2011, the competing lawn has since billed back and is currently in line to construct six moderate icebreakers for its Coast Guard.

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However as Seaspan has faced ongoing trouble delivering on its own program, Davie still has not delivered just two of three secondhand icebreakers it pushed that the Allied government to purchase a couple of decades back.

The Quebec business nonetheless insists it not Seaspan — would be best positioned to construct the Diefenbaker, especially given it’s currently in line to construct another six icebreakers.

“Since the federal icebreaker center, we’ll combine expertise, experience and techniques in Canada’s biggest and greatest potential shipyard to make world-class icebreakers at a sustainable and competitive fashion,” Davie spokesman Frederick Boisvert stated in a declaration.


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“As has always been the situation, Davie is the sole shipbuilder effective at producing the polar icebreaker.”

Lamarre asserts that using all the investments made in its own Vancouver shipyard and its partnership with Genoa, Seaspan is prepared to begin work to the Diefenbaker today — which Ottawa must quit wasting time and only proceed with its initial plan.

“I really don’t understand why you’d give it to anybody else besides Seaspan,” he explained.

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