“We are working quite tough to make the best fan experience”

"We're working really hard to create the best fan experience"

The O2 VP and general manager Steve Sayer has talked regarding the strategies to reopen the place as the coronavirus pandemic continues to influence the audio market.

Squeeze is going to be the first group to do in the London stadium since March if they maintain a distanced gig there in December.

For this series, the site’s capacity is going to be decreased in 20,000 to 4,700 allowing for chairs between every pair of ticket-holders to stay empty. One-way paths for accessing to pubs and bathrooms and back into seating areas are also in operation.

Speaking to Music Week, Sayer stated the group supporting the place had invested the time since March considering the way they can reopen the place securely. “we would like to show to promoters and musicians who places are prepared to innovate and begin building client confidence,” he explained.

Acknowledging that operating gigs with such a diminished capacity is not feasible in the extended or medium-term for any place, he stated the O2 needed to”return towards” traveling displays before they return next season.

The O2 (Picture: Getty Images)

“It is all about giving our workers and the distribution chain a chance to operate, analyzing our steps and processes and bringing back some life to the O2,” Sayer clarified. “We’re in conversation with lots of promoters about various format displays between now and the close of the calendar year, but in addition from the first portion of 2021.”

He proceeded to describe the O2 had spent in”lots of new cleaning technologies”, such as electrostatic foggers which will float surfaces using antibacterial spray that’s effective for around 30 days.

“We are working quite tough to make sure that we’re able to make the most effective possible fan encounter,” he explained. “Health and security at exhibits [was already] certainly predominant and this attention on health and security has actually come to the fore today also.”

A range of tour dates have been announced to take place in The O2 second year and Sayer reported that ticket sales was”a tiny slower” than prior to the pandemic. “That’s a very clear indication of customer confidence, but will return,” he explained.

“Younger demographics are a lot more amenable to return to displays quickly. Squeeze will soon be a excellent test using a slightly older market, but there’s definitely appetite on the market.”

Last month (September 30), the Music Venue Trust announced that a state of red alert because countless live audio distances confront permanent closed across the united kingdom.

“The Government has placed all of its eggs in 1 basket and doesn’t have any backup plan to stop the complete collapse of the whole cultural industry, putting in danger 200,000 projects and countless pounds of financial action,” MVT CEO Mark Davyd informed NME.

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