Watchdog: State Dept whined about rescinding lady’s award

WASHINGTON – The State Department’s internal watchdog has decided the agency lied to people and Congress regarding the motives it instills a prestigious award for a budding journalist that was critical of this Trump government.

The department’s inspector general said in a report issued Friday that explanations behind its decision to not honor Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro having the International Woman of Courage award in 2019 were erroneous and deceptive. Even though the report stated the division had the right to reverse the award,” it said officials weren’t honest about their motives for doing this.

The analysis mentioned internal mails and interviews with people from the decision procedure that signaled that the award was reversed due to anxieties based on her sociable networking articles that Aro could make”political statements” significant of President Donald Trump along with the government in a gala ceremony which was attended by first lady Melania Trump.

“As conclusions regarding IWOC awardees are completely within the division’s discretion, the decision to reverse Ms. Aro’s award seems to have been a licensed exercise of the Department’s extensive discretion to choose awardees,” it stated.

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“OIG discovered, nevertheless, that division officials made following statements to people as well as congressional employees that inaccurately claimed that Ms. Aro was wrongly advised that she was chosen for the award and factors besides Ms. Aro’s social networking articles formed the foundation of their decision to not present her IWOC Award”

Aro was told she’d won among the awards because of her role at exposing political propaganda and corruption, however, was afterwards told that the telling had been an error.

Congressional Democrats who’d predicted for its inspector general research, such as Sen. Bob Menendez, the leading Democrat in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, contradicted the findings.

“The Inspector General’s report is just another sombre instance of how anxiety and partisanship have permeated our country’s international policy and diplomacy beneath the Trump government,” Menendez said. Even the State Department”tricked people and Congress concerning why it hastens Ms. Aro’s award, so covering her up social networking articles were why the award was removed. The Trump government also resisted talking points which stated Ms. Aro hadn’t been chosen as a receiver.”

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The division told colleagues and congressional aides in the time the notification had been the consequence of an unfortunate mistake and inadequate co-ordination involving the embassy at Helsinki and Washington. The inspector general, nevertheless, decided that Aro’s societal networking articles vital of Trump would be the key reason that the award has been rescinded.

As a result of queries from several colleagues, division officials provided several explanations, such as a convoluted response that promised there were also many awardees out of Europe and one of these needed to be lost at the interest of geographical fairness.

In a department media briefing, ” a spokesman characterized assertions that the conclusion was predicated on Aro’s societal network announcements as”speculation” and refused to go over the selection procedure further.

“The division’s statements in this briefing don’t align with the internal conversations which happened at the time that the decision was forced to rescind Ms. Aro’s choice,” the report found.


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As a result of inquiries by congressional aides, ” the division stated that confusion on account of the government shutdown had led to the mistake. It made no reference of Aro’s societal networking articles and said the honor was because Aro”wasn’t adequately aligned with the wider goals of this award.”

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However, the report mentioned internal documents as stating that Aro hadn’t been”completely vetted” for its award and also had a”record of inflammatory tweets, targeting US leadership and the government in a particular manner” 1 report noted the”identified social media material can result in potentially embarrassing press coverage to the division and also the first woman together with the other awardees.”

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