Watch a Voter Named Paulette Attempt to Take Her Shot With Donald Trump

See a Voter Named Paulette Try to Shoot Her Shot With Donald Trump

In case you thought you had seen everything, think again. 

The 2020 presidential elections was full of much more viral minutes than some of those previous elections united –and that is no denying. Last past month, a fly became famous later landing Vice President Mike Pence‘s head. And not famous at the feeling that it had been briefly mentioned in death. No, stated insect literally grabbed the interest of Veep celebrity Julia Louis-Dreyfus, also today has it’s personal Twitter account.

However, the fly 15-minutes of fame are over, since Paulette Dale is stepping into the spotlight. )

The undecided voter attempted to take her shooter by President Donald Trump while engaging in NBC’s Town Hall on Thursday, Oct. 15.  Dressed in a beautifully patriotic ensemble which was colors of the American flag, Paulette stepped forward and advised that the Commander in Chief of the USA,”that I must mention, you get a wonderful smile.”

Flustered, she started to giggle until adding,”You are so handsome once you grin” 

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