War Hammer Titan: The Super Powerful Character in Attack On Titan!

War Hammer Titan: The Super Powerful Character in Attack On Titan!
War Hammer Titan: The Super Powerful Character in Attack On Titan!
ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

As the Manga starts off, Titans are only known to be mindless, naked creatures that will eat any human they can grab onto. After the end of AOT Season 3, the only Titan that remained unseen to the audience was the War Hammer Titan; Season 4 promises the reveal of this Titan. 

The War Hammer comes into the scene when Eren decides to declare war against Marley over the Eldian Internment Zone. Here’s everything you need to know about the War Hammer Titan.

Everything to know about the War Hammer Titan

As mentioned earlier, during the series, the War Hammer Titan has been held by the Tyber family for ages. Similar to other titans in their families, the Tyber family makes sure that the War Hammer Titan remains in their bloodline by having a new family member eat their ancestor. Through this, the blood remains within the family line along with the titan as well.

During the battle, other titan-shifters were put to use, but the War Hammer Titan remained hidden by the Tyber family. They went as far as hiding who the shifter of the titan was to prevent anyone from knowing.

Many thought that the obvious shifter would be Willy Tyber as he was the head of the house. The viewers were proved wrong when season 4 revealed the true holder to be someone else. It was none other than his younger sister who involved herself in the battle when she saw her brother being attacked by Eren.

Special abilities possessed by the War Hammer Titan

We have many strong characters in Attack on Titans. Prior to this, little is known about the War Hammer powers and inheritors. But still, we managed to learn few secrets and its special abilities possed by the War Hammer Titan.

How Strong is the War Hammer Titan?

The War Hammer Titan can harden its flesh into any weapon needed. It may seem like something similar to what the Attack Titan and Armour Titan can do, but its ability is not that simple. It can harden titan flesh to create any weapon of choice that it wants in a split second.

As its name suggests, its special weapon would be a giant hammer out of titan flesh. Titan flesh is not only strong but lasts longer compared to human flesh or any other material to an extent.

Eren vs the War Hammer Titan

Some other weapons it can make include whips, spikes, and poles. Its spikes can be extended from the ground upwards to attack any other titan or even change the location of a war going on. The only problem that exists is that the user will experience fatigue after exerting too much strength.

There is another special ability that makes the War Hammer Titan unique to the Tyber family, the remote-controlled this titan

Remote Controlled War Hammer

The remote-controlled War Hammer is able to control any other titan by keeping itself hidden instead. However, a titan’s weak point is their nape, so if you attack it there, it’s basically dead.

Unlike every other titan, The War Hammer Titan cannot be killed by attacking its nape. Since it can control any other titan and titan’s flesh, even if you attack its nape, it can regenerate itself within seconds. Due to how much power this titan has, it is considered one of the strongest titans in Attack on Titan.

Your thoughts?

“The War Hammer Titan” is undoubtedly the incredibly powerful opponent and with its hammer, they become much stronger and even stand against a bunch of Attack Titans. Is this Titan overpowered? What are your thoughts about the War Hammer Titan and AOT series?