Viu Gives Malay Adaptation into Korea’s’Black’ — Variety

Viu Gives Malay Adaptation to Korea’s ‘Black’ – Variety

Korean dream thriller love”Black” was extended a Malay-language adaptation having a more supernatural twist. The show is made by Malaysia’s Alpha47 Pictures, in the CJ E&M format.

It’s co-directed by award-winning directors, including Razaisyam Rashid and Kroll Azri. Cast comprises Kamal Adli, Siti Saleha, Nabila Huda, and Zoey Rahman. It’ll broadcast for this month using four back-to-back episodes every year on Dec. 17 and 24, on pan-Asian streaming agency Viu.

From the first Korean show, Black follows a grim reaper who enters the world of mortals and finds himself falling in love with a girl who can endure departure. (All of 18 episodes of the first can be found on Viu.)

The Malaysian variation replaces the idea of grim reaper using Bunian, a supernatural being from a different dimension in Malay folklore. It places the eponymous Black to a mission to monitor his estranged spouse from the world. Despite detesting people for their crude manners, Black drops in love with a girl whose ability to spark death is crucial to his assignment. On the waythey become embroiled in a 20-year old unsolved murder case which contributes straight back to their common past.

Viu, that will be endorsed by Hong Kong’s PCCW, functions over 17 markets crossing Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. It asserts monthly ordinary uses of 36 million. )

“A number of those first dramas from Malaysia have obtained outstanding recognition in the new Asian Academy Creative Awards. With a concentration on original inventive and global formats, Viu Malaysia took the chance to deliver a localized model of CJ E&M’s strong and haunting story of Black into Viu viewers,” said Kingsley Warner, GM of Viu Malaysia.

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