Vinnie Jones shares closing note Tanya gave him dying of cancer

Vinnie Jones shares final note wife Tanya gave him before dying of cancer

Vinnie Jones has shared with the heartfelt notice that his wife left him until she died of cancer.

Hunting on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on Saturday, the 55-year old Snatch celebrity broke down into tears because he spoke to his wife Tanya, that expired in 2019 old 53 following a six-year struggle with cancer.

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Following the series, he thanked supporters for their service on Instagram, sharing that the previous note Tanya left before she died.

On the front of the cardit read:”Constantly consider something wonderful is going to occur.”

“In my love Vin, something amazing happens to me daily… Being with you!” Tanya wrote.

“You’re my morning sunlight the minute I wake up. With all of my love”

Throughout the Piers Morgan interview, the former footballer confessed it could be”impossible” for him to wed , stating that he had the”best one and performed” along with his wife Tanya.

Jones married his spouse in 1994, later fulfilling as teens, and has been there with her till her last minutes.

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“They explained to people , even weeks, possibly weeks,” he clarified the illness.

“I had been on my knees crying. You end up heading to Forest Lawn cemetery to create arrangements until she passed. You feel you are in a horror fantasy. That’s the only way to explain it.

“I understood that the pain was dreadful, I understood it was time to cease and that I begged the nurse to prevent it.

“All of a sudden she took her final breath and that I felt each these butterflies abandon her. You are not in real time… I believed each of the butterflies, Tinkerbell, and that I had been liberated. Painless.”

It had been at 2013 that both Vinnie and Tanya developed melanoma. Tanya had experienced an emergency heart transplant if she had been 21, also had been treated for cervical cancer .

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