View Chance The Rapper play tracks from his back catalog in brand new concert

Watch Chance The Rapper perform tracks from his back catalogue in new concert

Chance The Rapper now (September 15) proved a pre-recorded live performance filmed at Ralph Lauren’s flagship Chicago shop.

The digital concert showcased Chance performing a medley of the songs backed with a live group. The rapper played with seven monitors in his six-pack group, such as’Summer Friends’,”Workout ‘,”Ballin Flossin’,”Let’s Go On The Run’ and’Everything’s Great (Great Ass Outro)’.

After the latter, Chance transitioned into’Great Ass Intro’, such as a brief freestyle verse, before finishing his group with’We Proceed High’.

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“Thank you men — everyone who is watching at home now. Nice to meet you, nice to see . It has been a moment,” Chance said midway through his collection.

“We broadcasting live in the trolling shop! The Ralph Lauren shop is the appropriate approach to state this, but that I grew up understanding it because the polo shop. I love you guys seeing, since it gave me the socket to have the ability to do, which will be among my favorite things on earth.”

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At another statement accompanying the concert statement, Chance mentioned fashion and music had”been ” into him.

“Ralph Lauren has ever been among my favourite designers, right on my side for a number of my favourite moments in my profession and private life,” he explained.

“This romantic digital concert joins together with of the best events of my own life and permits me to sing about the way I always wished to.”

Lately, Chance The Rapper awakened with Ludacris to a brand new tune titled’Found You’, that has been created by Shucati, Rance, Federico Vindver, Angel López, Timbaland and Sucuki.

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