View Ariana Grande’s”34+35″ Teaser Video

Ariana Grande has been hitting on the lab within her forthcoming music video. About Nov. 14, the 27-year old singer teased that the visuals because of her tune”34+35,” sharing an Instagram clip of her functioning at a research center. Dressed in a laboratory jacket with a pair of stilettos, she briskly walks via a high tech area whilst taking notes on a clipboard. She then presses a red button in a device, and a message appears. “Ariana Grande ’34+35,'” it reads. “Coming soon to a screen .”

The tune is the next course on Grande’s most up-to-date record, Positions, that fell around Oct. 30. For people that aren’t overly keen on mathematics equations, then the name is a prurient nod into a sex situation: 69. And when you did not catch on rigorously from the title , then the chorus patently gets the point across. “Could you keep up all night? / F*ck me until the daytime Thirty-four, thirty-five,” Grande croons. Whew, steamy. View the teaser for”34+35″ over, and prepare yourself for greatest seduction.

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