View: Adorable Video Of 11-Year-Old Dressed As Senator Kamala Harris | National News

Watch: Adorable Video Of 11-Year-Old Dressed Up As Senator Kamala Harris | National News

Sen. Kamala Harris is Tough on the campaign trail Seeking to Rescue the Nation from four more years Old Trump.

She’s fans of backgrounds, including small ones who can not yet vote, but as a result of her or his candidacy can find themselves running for office a day.

Celeste Hardy, who’s just 11, has gone viral to a cute movie of her dressed because the California senator. Sporting a blue blazer, necklace and necklace, ” she stated in her very best impression of this VP candidate,”After I become vice presidentI want to help most of the American folks. I wish to provide healthcare for all, justice and equality under the law”

She pretended to wave to the audience.

Senator Harris also watched the movie and remarked,”She’s my vote. Tell her to stay top.”

Watch the movie and Harris’ remark below:

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About Aug. 11, Sen. Kamala Harris became the first black and black girl, Alpha Kappa Alpha (the nation’s oldest Black sorority) along with HBCU alumna to be selected because a vice-presidential candidate. Based on Politico, in 48 hours following Biden appointed Harris his running partner, the effort raised $48 million, averaging $1 million an hour.

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Moreover, the effort dipped in $12 million on the evening of the former presidential debate with Vice President Mike Pence. That really is $2 million over the afternoon of their broadly criticized presidential debate between Biden and Trump.

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