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Are you using DJI to shoot your memories but unable to create an eye-catching video? Working with raw footage is different than shooting it. The raw footage usually goes through the post-production process. This painstaking phase enhances your video quality but takes longer than its shoot time. This process is a group of different processes that consist of adding enhanced effects to videos,

  1. Coloring and gradient effects add a cinematic feel raw footage. This process is quite technical and expensive.
  2. Audio mixing makes your audio pop. Reducing noise or increasing the volume in certain sections of video makes it a professional video.
  3. Music enhances the vibe of the video. A piece of fast pace music or slow pace sounds reinforces the feelings of your audience.
  4. Title screen, listed points, slides or notes hone along with the specific ideas of the video. It emphasizes your points or even chapters your footage into segments.
  5. Editing your footage is an art. Having multiple raw footages even makes it challenging. The angles and right amount of transitions between the cuts used in the footage are important to convey your points. Mixing the frames of multiple videos to insist on the points makes your video interesting to watch.

The list is endless for a video of the right vibe. These pain-staking and challenging tasks are done by professionals. Editing tools like PR and Final-cut are full-featured, but it’s hardware requirements restrict its use for beginners.

Why choose VideoProc?

VideoProc is a perfect solution to edit your DJI videos or 4K large-sized videos. The 4K video editor gives more power to you than just processing our videos you for colors, music or edits.

The video process includes a level-3 hardware accelerated process. It is a hardware decoding and hardware encoding process powered by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.  The executions for videos include,

  1. Quick transcoding to convert formats of videos or audios.
  2. An easy way of resizing, compressing, upscaling and downscaling of videos.
  3. Adjustments with the frame, audio volumes, video aspect, and bit ratio, and change in speed, deinterlace, forced A/V sync.
  4. Editing: Adding effects like a cut, copy, de shake, denoise, merge, rotate, etc.

VideoProc a drone video editing software for DJI provides you the full-featured hardware acceleration for HD/4K video processing. It allows you to have,

  1. Fast processing using full hardware acceleration to boost the video process speed up to 47x real-time faster.
  2. Optimal file size for 90% smaller size than the original without compromising quality.
  3. Increased processing speed without compromising the quality.
  4. 33% of CPU usage to process videos at a higher speed.
  5. Work with the recent OS. It lowers the risk of excessive heat and total freeze or crash due to overload processors.


VideoProc is a one-stop solution for your processing your videos. Beginners can work with GPU accelerated tools without using high-end devices systems. It provides professional features that allow you to compete with professionals. Using VideoProc saves your time, speeds up video processing, with the lowest CPU usages the optimized file size is at its maximum quality. Experience the full GPU acceleration for your post-production activity with VideoProc.

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