Video game and advantages of playing!

The video game is electronic that involves interaction with a input device or user interfaces such as a motion-sensing device, joystick, or controller keyboard to generate visual feedback for a player. This feedback is shown on video displays like TV monitor, touchscreen, monitor, virtual reality headset. Video games are often augmented with audio feedback delivered through headphones or speakers.

Advantages of playing video game –

Improves Vision – As per research, video games in moderation can improve vision, not stain.

Develop interest in History – Actual historical events are there in many video games to drive the story. Those characters and places can develop a interest in mind to learn more about it in the real world.

Makes kids more active – The video games associated with sports can make kids play the game in real with friends outdoor, which would make kids more active.

Helps in pain reduction – Video games are the best distraction from pain. It helps to keep a person engaged, which helps to forget the pain. 

Helps in socializing – Many video games involve multiplayer, where players play together, which supports a person in socializing. By playing such games, a person learns to work in a team. 

Help people overcome Dyslexia – Key factor in Dyslexia is attention difficulties. Research has shown that if video games on heavy action are played, there is an improvement in Dyslexia. In such games, constant change of environment is there, which requires intense focus.

Helps make a better leader – Certain video games encourage and reward leadership traits, which impacts real-world players by motivating them to be better leaders. Improvising in a game can also translate into being faster on feet when an office crisis crops up.

Helps in brain development – Video games related to brain games involving memory, problem-solving, and puzzles can assist in brain development. Such games have shown a positive impact on both kids and the old generation. Ten hours a play leads to increased cognitive functioning.





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